Avoid these Mistakes in Creating Your Business Logo


logosIf you’re making your own logo, you should know that it’s more than a jumble of scribbles and words. After all, it’s the representation of your company. Keep in mind that your logo may make or break the company’s image and affect your potential revenues.

There are many things to consider in the design. For starters, you can create a good logo by avoiding these things:

Using too much designs

Designs draw the customers in. Use them sparingly, but not liberally. Too much fluff in your logo may give your audience mixed signals and drive them away instead. Graphic designers like Red Rider Creative emphasize the importance of balancing form and function in making logos for businesses. While it’s nice to put catchy phrases and designs, it’s better to err on the side of caution and make your logo simple, yet memorable.

Riding the trends

You don’t have to follow the trends all the time. People might dismiss your logo if it looks like the rest of the popular ones. What matters in a company logo is distinction, not design. People will remember your company because your logo stands out. Keep in mind that less is more in logo design. You don’t have to add much fluff like your competitors to garner attention and lose your audience in the process.

Adopting your preferences

A logo is something that will represent your company, not you personally. Don’t create the logo out of your own style and preference. Chances are, the message will be lost on your target market. Avoid creating amateurish logo. Your audience won’t take your business seriously with your half-baked work. Use professional applications to give an impression that your services are professional, as well.

Copying images online

Your logo should set your company apart. Copying online images for your logo may put your company at risk of lawsuits for breaking copyright laws. Your company will also lose credibility if people have seen it on other websites. Your losses wouldn’t compare to the costs of creating an image for your company logo. Make your logo original; hire a graphic designer if necessary.

What makes a good logo? Original, distinct, simple, yet memorable. By avoiding common mistakes, you’ll create an attractive and compelling logo that will identify and endear your company to your target audience.

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