Four Effective Ways to Deal with Irate Callers

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Whether you’re working in an insurance company or a call center, there will come a time that you’ll encounter angry callers. Perhaps they’re complaining about the delay in their insurance claim or they may have some issues about their credit card.

Even if you try to transfer your callers to someone else with the use of your Xorcom IP phones, it won’t make things easier and your callers might even get more agitated. Here are a few suggestions you might want to try instead.

Don’t take it personally

The most popular anecdote you’ll hear from customer service representatives is that when they encountered an irate caller, they cried right after taking the call. The intense anger of the caller made them believe that they were to blame for everything bad the caller was experiencing.

But, angry callers are actually not targeting you for the problem they’re facing with your company. So, try not to take things personally. If you look at your callers as just customers who are simply venting their frustration, you’ll be more able to handle the calls without feeling too emotional.

Listen intently

Once you’ve set your emotions aside, you should start listening to your callers carefully. Even if they’re angry, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hear them out. The more you listen to them, the higher the possibility that you’ll be able to help them.

Take out your notebook or click on the notepad on your computer and start jotting down every important detail they say. Note the problem they’re facing and the reason it’s not being resolved. When they’re done ranting, tell them that you’ve taken note of their complaint and that you’ll do your best to resolve it right away.

Don’t put them on hold

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When you’re speaking with irate callers, there’s the temptation to put them on hold so that you can have a few seconds to collect yourself. You may also want to do that when they’re shouting too much that it’s doubly hard for you to find the files that they need.

Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t put angry callers on hold because that will only aggravate them more. Instead, let them rant but try to tune out their voice while you take care of the issue.

Be firm

Now, just because callers are angry, it doesn’t mean you have to take it all in stride and apologize. For all you know, it could be their fault why they’re in a pickle. If this is the case, let them know that their behavior won’t be tolerated.

You don’t have to be abrasive as well, but it’s important that they get the message that they should calm down if they want the problem to be fixed. If they continue to shout, tell them that your company’s policy states that you can refuse to assist customers who are unwilling to cooperate.

Handling angry customers can be tedious. It could even ruin the rest of your day. But as long as you know the tricks to dealing with irate callers, you’ll be able to manage this particular task with ease.