Better Business: 3 Habits to Make to Be a Highly Creative Entrepreneur

Business owner having coffee

Creativity is perhaps the last thing on your mind when coming up with a list of must-have traits of entrepreneurs. But in reality, it’s one of those often-overlooked characteristics of the most successful businesspeople. Their creativity lets them think outside the box, innovate and reinvent, and solve complex and tough problems.

If you want to make it big in the field you’re in, creativity is something you should hone. Exercise these habits to make that happen:

Keep an idea journal

If there’s one thing you should understand about the nature of ideas, that should be the fact that they’re elusive. They’re a tough catch. In fact, you never (or rarely) get them when you need them most, in brainstorming sessions or in ideation meetings. Often, they come at random moments, for instance, when you’re fixing your wobbly office table or having a hot bath before going to bed.

The most creative entrepreneurs don’t necessarily get the most Eureka moments in a day — they just know how to pin down a good idea when it comes. They jot it down and keep it in their journals. And then, they revisit it when a situation calls for it. Do the same habit of catching inspirations at random moments. If suddenly you find yourself mulling over a new gown design concept while getting an ice cream downtown, sketch it fast on the tissue paper you can grab from the counter. If you discover an unconventional fashion boutique in one of your travels, take a quick pic and paste it in your journal later.

Surround yourself with thinkers

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The more that you spend time with creative thinkers, the better you’ll catch their way of thinking. Soon, you’ll find yourself treating problems with innovative solutions or seeing things in better, various angles, just like they do. So, the question is, where do you find creative thinkers? Honestly, there are a lot of avenues to meet such people. You just have to be really in tune with what’s happening and who’s who in the industry you’re in. For instance, if you’re trying to break into the fashion world, then fashion week is something that should be on your priority. Not only will you see the creations of creative thinkers there, but also engage with them themselves.

Of course, the people who will be attending such events also have the same passion for fashion, so more or less, you can find creative people in your seatmates at the bench. You’ll meet the wide variety there, from stylists, boutique owners, and models down to fashion photographers and garment technologists specializing in full package manufacturing services. Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to these creative thinkers.

Flex your imagination

Highly creative entrepreneurs don’t just wait for the Eureka moments to come. They also don’t solely rely on the creative tribe they have. They are proactive in broadening their imagination themselves. How do they do that? They do activities that are stimulating. They go to an art museum, bake a recipe they’ve seen on the internet, travel to a faraway country that has a starkly different culture from them, and many more

Do a little bit of soul-searching yourself and try to figure out which activities stimulate you, the things that make you daydream and bathe in ideas. From there, commit to doing that more often. Make it a habit to reflect after that activity. This will greatly help in getting your brain used to creative thinking.

Creativity is a valuable trait every entrepreneur should have. Be serious and committed to honing it. Try to do these habits, so you can get there soon.