Five Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy and Motivated Without a Raise

Keeping Your Employees Happy and Motivated

Entrepreneurs know that for their businesses to prosper, they must have a solid team of employees working for the improvement of their processes, products, and services. In this ultra-competitive hiring environment, you have to stand out as a company to attract and retain the kind of workers you need. But how you are going to retain employees will depend on how happy, motivated, and appreciated they feel in your company.

Most of the time, it’s the simple things that matter, such as installing mezzanine floor systems to be used by your employees as a lounge, a playroom, a cafeteria, and many more. For example, Google is considered to be one of the best—if not the best—companies in the world because it presumably cares about its workers. Their offices are designed to provide maximum comfort and even leisure to their employees.

Have you ever heard of an office with free-flowing gourmet coffee and pastries? How about a room with gaming consoles, billiard tables, and nap chairs? Essentially, what Google is doing is making their employees happy, contented, motivated, and productive. The problem is that not all companies can afford to be as generous as Google compensation-wise and office-amenities-wise, so what can a small business like yours do?

Prioritise Work-life Balance

Stop forcing your employees to do overtime work. Divide the tasks among your employees in such a way that these tasks can be finished during their work hours. This will allow them to go back home to their families and spend time with them. Don’t exhaust them too much to the point of them wanting to give up their jobs.

Make Them Part of the Business

Make employees feel that the success of the business is also their success. Introduce new products and services to everyone—from the rank-and-file employees to top management. Show them that they are important by letting them know about the progress of the company, its goals, and its vision for the future.

Recognise Employees

You don’t always have to give an employee a bonus pay—though that is heavily favoured and appreciated—whenever they hit a milestone or finish a goal. A simple “thank you” is enough. Let the others know what a particular employee has done so that they will feel appreciated even more. Ensure that your workers feel that their efforts are appreciated.

Know Who Your Employees Are

The reason some employees feel disconnected from their jobs is that most bosses stay aloof and indifferent. They don’t care about their workers. They don’t know who their employees are outside of what they do. They don’t care if their employees are married, have children, or nearing retirement. All they care about is the amount of work that an employee does. Building a closer relationship with your employees will take your business further.

Make It Fun

It’s so easy to be the strict boss, the one that everyone fears. But this means a toxic working environment where people function out of fear. This isn’t good for any company. Make your working environment fun. Know how to laugh at silly mistakes, and let your employees know that it’s okay to let loose sometimes as long as they continue being productive.

Running a business is hard enough without employees leaving left and right. Retaining your employees takes effort, but it’s the kind of effort that will benefit the business the most. Think of your employees like your friends or family. Would you take advantage of the people you love? If your employees are treated well, they will likely remain loyal to you, and that will reflect on their work.