Cool for the Summer, Not for Your Pearly Whites

Dental CareSummer is now in session. The heat combined with the holiday season calls for a favourite pastime — eating your heart out.

One of the best things about summer is the variety of treats waiting to be consumed. It is natural to crave something cold to beat the heat. You might be enjoying the season of popsicles, fruits and ice cream; your teeth, however, beg to differ.

Some summer treats are good for the stomach, but bad for your pearly whites.

No to Frozen Sweets

Summer is all about ice cream, popsicles and other frozen confections. While these are must-have treats to beat the heat, these sweets contain too much sugar. Eating popsicles or ice cream constantly subjects your teeth to unhealthy amounts of sugar, says, a local practice.

Sugars easily stick to the teeth, which encourages bacteria growth. As a result, your pearly whites suffer from enamel-destroying cavities. That serving of what seems like harmless vanilla ice cream has five packed teaspoons of sugar.

If you are looking for a better alternative, a bowl of fresh fruits is your best bet. Apples, which contain less sugar than popsicles, also help you cool down on a hot day. For healthy treats with more substance, indulge in plain yogurt topped with fruits.

Ditch the Fizzy Drinks

As the temperature rises, more people automatically seek fizzy drinks or sports drinks to quench their thirst. For some, water is not always the best option. Why settle for bland water when you can enjoy lemony drinks?

Regular consumption of sugary drinks exposes the teeth to high levels of sugar. As a result, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for germs, which wreak havoc on teeth and gums. The carbonated quality of fizzy drinks also erodes teeth, especially if you drink it more than twice a day.

Keep your teeth safe from the effects of sugary liquids by washing them down with water immediately. Instead of fizzy drinks, try natural fruit juices.

The summer might call for these sweet treats, but if you are not careful, you might end the season with damaged teeth. Love the season and your pearly whites better by striking a balance.