Common Plumbing Concerns Every Homeowner Should Know

pipes with handlePlumbing systems may be complicated, but they’re important in any home. Otherwise, you won’t have water for drinking or cleaning. As with any other parts of the house, the plumbing system may also succumb to wear and tear over a period and with regular use. During these times, you’ll need the help of professionals to make necessary repairs.

But, it’s also possible that by the time the plumber comes in, water damage could have overtaken your home. If you wish to prevent major water destruction, it’s best to know the basics behind some common plumbing issues. NextGen Restoration offers a quick discussion at some of the most important ones:

Know where the main water cutoff is

First, know where the main water cutoff is in your house. This knowledge is necessary to avoid flooding and overflowing if a pipe suddenly bursts. Also, know that in addition to the main supply cutoff point, which is normally located near the meter, individual valves will be present near the bathroom fixtures. Learn how to operate these, so that if one toilet or sink bursts a gut, you need not cut off the water supply for the entire house.

Drain clogs

Another common plumbing concern in a household is clogged drains. Your best bet against them is by following these simple reminders:

  • Don’t put solid food items into the drain.
  • Keep the drain free of hair and tissue papers.
  • Avoid pouring grease down the drain pipe

Also, know that no clogged drain can be cleaned in the same manner. A lot depends on what caused the clog. Furthermore, avoid using chemical drain cleaners, as they can damage the plumbing. Try using mechanical means as much as possible.

Other common plumbing concerns faced by a household include:

  • dripping faucets that might occur due to worn out washers, which will need replacement
  • toilet clogs that are best handled using a plunger

Finally, learn how to read the water meter, invest in a few spare plumbing supplies, and keep all valves and cut-off points operational. By doing this, you can avoid water damage to your house at least until the plumber arrives to do his job.

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