Roof Cleaning: Are You Doing It Properly?

RoofThe roof is one part of a home that is highly affected by the harsh weather elements. For this, roof maintenance is a task that every homeowner shouldn’t neglect. To preserve your roof and make it last for years, why don’t you hire an expert in roof cleaning? Perth has a number of roof cleaning companies that can assist you.

To safeguard your interest as a homeowner, here is a list of some common roof cleaning mistakes that you should never commit:

  • Doing shortcuts with cleaning

A quick treatment may not address the problem; it can even make things worse. You should go deeper into the cleaning method to make sure you do the job properly.

  • Applying one method for the entire roofing system

There is no one particular method that applies to all roofing problems. As Perth’s roof cleaning professionals explain, a specific problem requires a specific method or treatment to address it. One may just need brushing or light power washing, while others need chemical treatment.

  • Using non-customised equipment

If you need to power wash your roof, use a unit designed for lower pressure and high water volume. Don’t settle for an “off-the-counter” power washer, as it may do your roof more harm than good.

  • Using toxic chemicals for treatment

Roof stains, sticky substances, moss, and other pollutants have to be removed with the proper treatment. Toxic chemicals can damage the roofing system rather than preserve it. Make sure that you know the guidelines in cleaning and maintenance, as well as the proper use of cleaning products.

  • Being too harsh with the cleaning

The task must be a combination of proper cleaning method and the right mechanical work. You should be gentle and use the right tool when cleaning. A job done aggressively will most likely resultin a damaged roof.

Roof cleaning is a tough job. Never attempt to do it yourself just to save on a few bucks. You need experts for the job, so you can give your roof its much-needed cleaning.