Christmas in Israel: An Exotic Holiday Experience in Holy Land

Christmas in IsraelThe trees are up, the carols are playing and Santa is going through his list; have you been naughty or nice? The holiday cheer is definitely here and everyone can't wait to start the break – Christmas parties, overflowing food, family reunions and of course, the much-awaited winter holiday trip. 

If you have already indulged in a white Christmas sipping hot chocolate after a day spent skiing in the snow or broke the yuletide tradition for fresh coconuts and warm sun while lying on a sandy beach, then you must be searching for someplace new to reconnect the family this year. Don't fret as we have found an exotic yet meaningful destination perfect for the holidays.

The Holy Land Immersion

Israel, the Holy Land, is a melting pot of rich religious heritage, flavorful history, and vibrant Mediterranean cosmopolitan. Intriguing politics aside, Israel provides an adventure for everyone in the family – safe for kids, exciting for the young ones, and eye-opening for the adults.

  • Liven up your spirit with religious Holy Land tours and pilgrimage

    • Take your soul into an exhilarating journey touring Israel starting with the old city of Jerusalem, home to three of the biggest religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Read the Dead Sea scrolls, the world's oldest biblical manuscripts, in the Israel Museum, relive the life of Jesus Christ in the Galilee and spend Christmas in the Nazareth. To feel a better connection spiritually, you can take religion-specific tours – there are Christians, Catholics, Islam, and LSD (Latter-Day Saint or Mormons) Israel tours and pilgrimage accessible for everyone. 

  • Deep dive into history with desert adventures and the Dead Sea

    • Israel is one of the oldest nations in the world which houses the best historical and archaeological sites in our history. Swim, or rather float, in the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Trek through the desert fortress of Masada, revisit the tragic history of the Jews in the world's largest Holocaust Museum of Yad Vashem, or gaze in awe of the Hanging Gardens of Haifa in Mount Carmel. 

  • Eat your way through Israel and rock the nightlife in Tel Aviv

    • An Israel tour is incomplete without a full experience of the culture, lifestyle, and nightlife of the bustling city of Tel Aviv. Drown in the flavors and spices of rich Mediterranean cuisine, dine with the locals and hunt for the famous hummus all over the city. Take over the city and drink the night away in the vibrant nightlife of Tel Aviv and relax in one of its beaches the next day. 

Meaningful Christmas in Israel

While it might be a radical break from the usual yuletide tradition we associate with Christmas, a tour of Israel provides the perfect opportunity to reestablish your roots spiritually and reunite the family with deep history and culture – whether in an LDS Israel tour, a desert trek or a night spent in Tel Aviv. 

Find the true meaning of Christmas reconnecting the family to the main reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday, right where it all started – Israel.