Colour Balance and Selection: Repainting Your Exterior Home

Home Exterior in AspleyThe majority of residents will eventually deal with repainting their house. This ordeal will be costly, time-consuming, requires a lot of planning and of course, labour. On the bright side, homeowners will finally be able to change the colour of their home. Yet, this decision will be just as difficult as actual labour. This is because residents need to decide the accent, primary and secondary colours to use on walls that go perfectly with their aluminium outdoor shutters.

The Colour Selection Phase

Luckily, major paint manufacturers have developed professional colour schemes in their exterior grade paints. They now provide paint chips and presentation booklets that have modern colour palates, so homeowners can now come up with a more educated selection. They can also rely on several tools online, such as the Personal Color Viewer by Benjamin Moore. It will allow residents to choose the colour for their shutters, doors, garages, trims and walls.

Although, homeowners should keep in mind that colours online and from small paint chips look darker than in real life. To address this, experts suggest homeowners apply the desired colour on a small section of their house before buying a shade for the entire home.

The Evaluation Phase

In this phase of the project, examine the colour of your roof, the properties adjacent to your home, as well as, the vegetation and landscape around your house that will impact its final appearance. Once you have chosen the colour scheme, determine which colour is perfect for each area. The window trim commonly has a different shade than the main surface, while the doors and shutters are the third colour. 

Same as any home improvement project, ensure that the colour scheme you decide on is based on personal and resale appeal. But, if this project seems too daunting for you, you can always get the help of your friends or professionals.