Child Support Payments: How is it Determined?

Dad Holding Daughter's Hand

When it comes to child support, any of the parents can be required to pay for it. The party awarded primary custody receives the payment, while the other one pays for it. Child support is for the benefit of the kid and is used for basic necessities, educational expenses, and health and medical care.

Courts make a decision on child support payments by requiring each party to submit a financial statement, which should include monthly salary and expenses. Apart from the financial information, courts also consider the amount of time each party spends with the kid (sometimes, child visitation arrangements). Note that each state has different formulas when calculating child support.

Other Important Factors

In most cases, courts consider the parents’ income, minus deductions such as taxes, healthcare, social security, and other child support payments they may have. Some, however, look into the person’s ability to earn and actual earnings. Those who have a higher earning potential may need to pay higher child support. The living standard of the child before a divorce may also be considered.

Consequences of Missing Child Support

Parents who are not receiving court-ordered child support payments can get the help from the court. If the delinquent parent still does not pay, the court may garnish their wages, seize tax refunds, and put liens on the property. Child support attorneys in Colorado Springs note that other legal consequences include suspension of driver’s license and passports, and denial of certain government benefits.

Modifying Child Support

Child support can also be modified in certain circumstances. A modification needs a change in circumstances like employment change (if one of the parties experience an increase or decrease in income) or if the needs of the child change. The paying parent who is having economic or medical problems can also request for modification.  

Individuals who need help in establishing and modifying child support payments can get help from a child support attorney. This is to learn more about their rights and ensure the protection of their interests.