The Gift of a Having Great Dentist in Soho

a dentist methodically checking the teeth of her patientWorking with a good dentist means a lot. The right dentist in Soho can ensure their patients feels comfortable, listened to and appreciated as more than just a set of routine teeth. This kind of patient support is vital, whether it helps to encourage someone to have their regular check-ups, or ensures that they book the more long-term treatment that they need.

What makes the difference?

When someone visits a good dentist in Soho, like PS Dental Care, the difference is clear from the start. The patient experience starts in the reception area, where the right environment can help them to feel well looked after and respected. The administration team is responsible for checking that the patient has all the appointments they need to follow the course of their treatment. It also keeps patient data secure and supplies the dentist with the patient’s records.

A team working together

Many dentists will have a number of staff working together. This might include hygienists or dentists who focus on one aspect of dentistry like dental implants or orthodontics. A close-knit team that communicates effectively is important for the patient as their care can often be handled by more than one person at a clinic. If the team can handover to each other efficiently and smoothly, this works in the patient’s favour.

Why do patients see the hygienist?

The hygienist is a vital part of preventive care at any dental practice. They provide a cleaning and polishing service to patients as well as advice on care and prevention at home. Someone might see the hygienist on a regular basis because the dentist recommends it or because they like to keep their smile looking and feeling in top condition at all times.

A hygienist is also a good person for patients to see if they are about to have cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or straightening. This is so the treatment can be applied directly to the teeth. After a visit to the hygienist, there is less plaque or tartar build-up to get in the way of any positive effects.

A hygienist may also be able to take dental x-rays and supply the resulting information to a patient’s dental practitioner.