Bedbug Removal Process and Your Role as a Homeowner

Man with pesticide

Man with pesticideBedbugs have been around for centuries and continue to pester families with their itchy bites and nuisance presence. If found early on, bedbugs can easily be treated by simply washing the linens with hot water and cleaning the affected area with recommended treatments. As you know, bedbugs spread faster than you can clean them and most of the time, seeking professional help is the only way to make sure your home is free from them.

Greenside Pest Control and other pest control services are responsible for removing unwanted guests. However, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make your home easily accessible and help pest control services to do their jobs properly.

Here are some things you ought to expect and do as a homeowner prior to a pest removal treatment.

You will leave your home

For the pest control services to work as thoroughly as they can, you will be asked to leave your home while the treatment is ongoing and only return a few hours after it has commenced.

Make way

Make your home as accessible to the professionals as possible. Helping move your sofa or bed against the wall, so they can have access in hard-to-reach areas will surely be appreciated.

Wash what can be washed

Bed sheets, clothes, linens, or any fabric that can be removed and washed should be washed in hot water and secured in a clean container afterward to prevent bedbugs from invading them again.

Decluttering helps

A home where there are a lot of things scattered around will have higher chances of not being cleaned thoroughly. Therefore, before your planned schedule, make sure to declutter your space and throw away things that might further worsen your bedbug infestation.

You will be asked to leave your home for at least four hours to allow pest control services to get their jobs done. Helping make your home treatment ready can definitely help these professionals do their jobs better.