4 Ways to Cool Your Patio

Simple residential patio

Simple residential patioOutdoor living spaces are a great place for entertainment. However, an overly hot patio is not enjoyable in the days of the year when the weather is sweltering. Keeping your space cool makes it comfortable and allows you to enjoy your space all throughout. Here are four ways to keep your outdoor space cool.

1. Insulated patio cover

Patio covers protect your furniture and any other items in the outdoor space from harsh environmental factors such as excessive sunlight and rain. Installing an insulated patio cover in Brisbane helps to control temperatures. This way, the outdoor space remains cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, which makes the area more comfortable.

2. Shades

Including as much shade as you can is a perfect way of keeping your open space cool. Use gazebos, umbrellas, and retractable awnings. Pergolas not only beautify patios by creating a focal point but also allow you to add some shade to protect you from the sun.

3. Fans

These are a typical solution for cooling-off any space. They will circulate air within the area they are installed and give a light breeze to ease the heat. Fans can be used together with other cooling systems such as misting for that ultimate cooling effect.

4. Patio mister

Another functional way to keep your outdoor space cool during those hot days is by installing a patio mister. It is easy to install and does a great job of cooling everybody using the space. The light mist of water they emit is always refreshing irrespective of how high the temperatures get. What’s more, you can shut it off when not needed to conserve both electricity and water.

You do not have to keep off your outdoor space in days of extreme weather conditions. Some adjustments and simple installations will help. Pick your most convenient cooling method from this list to maximise the use of your outdoor space during those hot months.