Stylish Swimming Pools: What Options Do You Have?

indoor swimming pool

indoor swimming poolAmong the first choices you will make for your pool is its shape. This is the first thing most people will notice about it. Your space, slope, drainage and local zoning regulations are the most significant determinants of the shape you select.

A pool contractor like Dolphin Pools & Spas will assess these determinants and advise you on some of the shapes that might work for you. You, however, need not stick to the standard oval, circle, and rectangular shapes. Here are some modern, trendy pool shapes that can also work.


This is a curvy shape with varying artistic round shapes. Freeform-shaped pools are typically fully customized to your backyard’s natural elements so that it blends in with them. The indentations around the curvy shape can have waterfalls, spas or other forms of landscaping.


This shape consists of rounded portions on either end and yet retains the functionality of a lap pool space in its middle portion. Your rounded ends need not be of uniform size to maximize your backyard pool space. You can have one side of your figure-8 pool as the shallow one for kids and the other side as the deep end.


This shape also maximizes your yard layout and gives you more pool space. Like the figure-8 pool, you have two sides. The shallow end can be on the diagonal side of your pool and the deep one on the rectangular side. An L-shape is also a perfect option for homeowners with a rectangular pool looking for ways to upgrade it. The lazy L shape has a short diagonal leg, which adds to its aesthetic flair.

Other modern pool shapes include Roman and Grecian shapes with rounded and angular elements. Regardless of the shape, ensure you locate the pool some distance away from plants and trees. This minimizes the debris in your pool and reduces the risk of pool damage by plant roots.