4 Lawn Care Strategies That May Cost You

Lawn Care in Minnesota

Lawn Care in MinnesotaLawn service is an industry worth billions of dollars, as several studies have revealed. In Minneapolis alone, looking for lawn services and products is like trying to locate one piece from a pile of paper cuttings. The ideas are simply overwhelming. What can you do to get the best results? Maintaining your lawn is simple, as long as you identify a few common mistakes and avoid them. From overcutting to watering problems, here are four lawn care strategies you should avoid next time.

Clipping Too Short

Summer and spring are synonymous with the best lawn service in Minneapolis. Everywhere you go, the surfaces are as neat as the Augustana Golf Course. However, the urge to cut the grass too short can be an undoing. Lawn care experts suggest a minimum height of about 2 inches, beyond which healthy growth is hampered.

Irrigation Mistakes

Overwatering is probably the most common lawn care mistake in this category. Grass needs water to grow nice and strong, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, but you do not want a situation where turf diseases are taking advantage of the damp conditions. Usually, a maximum of 1 inch of water per week is recommendable. When the rains start in Minneapolis, you have to factor that in as well.

Too Much Fertilizer

While fertilizer is critical for the healthy growth of your turf, too much of it works against the lawn. The contents in the fertilizer have certain safe proportions for the nutrient and PH needs of the plants. Adding too much fertilizer affects this balance and damages your beautiful lawn. How much is too much? Consider consulting a lawn service expert in your area for guidance.

A General Approach to Pest Management

If pests are bothering you, your frustration is understandable. However, do not make the mistake of applying a blanket treatment. Strive to identify the pests and treat them accordingly. Using the “kill everything” approach is not only a time waster, but also expensive.

The gist of the matter is that lawn care is more than just giving the right type of treatment. How much you water, apply fertilizer and trim your lawn matters a lot. Consider these points when you are attending to your ground next time.