3 Fabulous Office Furniture Made from Unique Items

Wonderful office furniture

Wonderful office furnitureShopping for used office furniture in Salt Lake City is a great option for individuals designing their own home offices. These items are cheaper, but they have better quality. Aside from opting for used furniture, some people spot rare items and transform them into fabulous office furnishing.

Steamer Trunk Office Cubicle

Old windows, printed armoire and various decorative trinkets give the room a rustic look. Buy cabinets and shelves to make an office look as comfortable as a living room. Add this fabulous secretary cubicle made from oversized steamer trunk and you have a room that will make heads turn.

Cigar leather covers the distressed trunk restored to serve as a secretary space complete with wooden frames. Frames form bookshelves, drawers and a pull-down desk, which is ideal for all-in-one computers, laptops or small computers.

Since it also serves as a storage cubicle, the steamer trunk has wheels for easy relocation. It closes like a regular traveler’s suitcase to keep everything secured.

Airplane Wing Desk

Having a great desk is crucial for every employee. Those looking for unique items won’t take their eyes off a desk that resembles an airplane’s wing. It’s not like other furniture designs made from disassembled plane parts; it uses polished aluminum.

This furniture is reminiscent of World War II fighter planes like the Spitfire and Mustang. With a bent design, it looks like a wing on a plane that’s ready to take off. The polished aluminum sheets patched together create that vintage plane effect.

It has a compartment for papers and other vital office items. The whole structure is extremely durable; the aluminum sheet is laid over hard wood.

Reclaimed Pine Office Table

A room will look better with an elegant table made from old pine wood. Reclaimed pine wood planks stacked together form the table’s frame. Aged pine woods give the table a cork-like appeal that makes it great for offices. Completing the table is a glass top.

This can complete a stylish home office. However, it also comes with an expensive price tag. Save on costs by going for similar or equally stylish and functional designs.

Mainstreetofficefurnitureutah.com suggests designing your dream office with a combination of new and used furniture. The key is choosing designs that stand out and give the office that stylish appeal.

Getting used office furniture is easy, as they are readily available. Pair them with restored items to have that amazing and unique office design.

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