Why You Should Never Play Sports without a Mouthguard


MouthguardSports are fun, enjoyable and beneficial to health, but playing could put you at risk of sustaining an injury. For instance, playing hockey, basketball, football and other contact sports can damage the teeth if you receive a strong blow to the face or if you fall. This is where mouthguards come in.

A mouthguard, also known as a mouth protector, helps minimise the risks of broken teeth and injuries to the jaw, lips and tongue. It is available in three types — boil and bite, stock and custom-fitted — and all of them provide the same level of protection. Here is why you should wear mouthguards when playing:

It Protects Your Teeth from Fractures

Mouthguards keep your teeth from chipping or breaking. The British Dental Health Foundation, Dental Guide and Surrey Orthodontics Limited all agree that whilst there are cosmetic treatment options available to repair fractured teeth, it is still better to wear mouthguards. After all, not everybody has the budget to spend on frequent cosmetic dentistry visits.

It Saves You from Soft Tissue Injuries

The impact caused by sporting activities could cause you to bite your lips and tongue accidentally. In some cases, the cuts are severe that you will need stitches to repair them. By wearing mouthguards, you can create a soft resistance and prevent your teeth from coming into contact with other parts of your mouth.

It Keeps Your Teeth from Getting Knocked Out

A large gap on your front teeth may have looked adorable when you were a child, but it is a different story when you are all grown up. A knocked out tooth can be traumatising because you will not have the confidence to smile or even speak in front of the people you know. It may be possible to save a knocked out tooth, but why would you go through the trouble if you could have prevented it in the first place?

Mouthguards can save you from different types of injuries. You might be hesitant because of how it will look on you, but thinking of its benefits, there is no other better option than wearing it when playing.


  1. I dont understand why people dislike wearing mouthguards. It will not hurt to do some precautions you know. Would you rather prefer to have a chipped or knocked out tooth than wearing it while playing?

  2. You are right. Wearing mouthguards actually saved me from the costs of a cosmetic dentist. I do not have the money to spend on all those procedures so being cautious is better.

  3. I used to play soccer in middle school and I had a teammate who knocked out tooth his two front teeth. A lot of my classmates laughed at him and teased him and called him names. It was an unfortunate.

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