Why You Should Hire a Lawyer Before Making Insurance Claims

person handing over claims binder

Personal injury is the legal term that describes injuries affecting a person physically or mentally. It covers injuries caused due to the perpetrator’s negligence or misconduct. It can range from injuries sustained during a work-related accident to car crashes. This type of lawsuits cover damages sustained directly by the person, as opposed to damages to the person’s property.

If you get into one such incident, you are likely to get compensated by an insurance company. For example, if you get into a work-related accident, your company’s liability insurance will cover your medical bills and such. If you get into a motor accident, the other party’s insurance will pay you a settlement. However, it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City before you make an insurance claim after an accident. These are some reasons why:

They will help you determine the correct settlement amount

The insurance company or liable person will always try to pay you the minimum amount that they are entitled to pay you. However, you may be able to get more costs covered if you know how to negotiate a settlement. A personal injury lawyer can help you calculate the exact amount in damages that you have incurred from factors that are hard to quantify, such as the emotional effects of an ordeal or family time lost.

They can also advise you on whether you should settle or file suit. Sometimes, you may recover more if you choose to file suit. They will also step in and communicate with the insurance company, and will not be confused by legal terms. Legal terms are often used to confuse the entitled party. Your attorney will help you decipher complex agreements and contracts.

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They can help you with their knowledge of local laws

Usually, insurance claims come with a statute of limitations. This means that you cannot file claims after a certain amount of time has passed since the accident. These laws, along with various other laws, can differ from state to state. Certain states may also require the liable party to cover more damages. 

Your attorney will be knowledgeable of all these laws, and they can make sure that you are getting the full compensation that you deserve. If your claim gets rejected, they can help you take it to court. They can offer their expert knowledge on the many steps of the legal process.

Some attorneys can help you with advances on payments

There are next steps that you may have to take if your insurance claim gets rejected. Always be prepared for what you are going to do. Hiring an attorney might be beneficial for you as some attorney will help you carry out expensive litigation by paying for expert analysis in advance. Once you get your settlement, you will be able to pay them back.

It’s always best to have a legal expert on hand to assist you before engaging in the insurance claim process. Things often move quite fast, and insurance companies know how to build up pressure. Be prepared by talking to a knowledgeable lawyer beforehand.