Halloween at Work: Simple Ways to Have Fun at the Workplace

Carving pumpkin for halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and kids of all ages are getting giddy over the celebrations about to come. Corporate Halloween parties (pumpkin) spice up the environment at work and give everyone a time to slow things down a bit.

This holiday has turned into such a massive commercial success, surpassed only by Christmas in terms of consumer spending. It will be such a shame if your company does not get in on the action.

We have listed below some ideas to liven up your workplace and bring in the spirit (get it?) of Halloween.


Holding an annual Halloween event could be something every employee can look forward to.

Collaborating with the use of MTI Events or other trusted corporate event planning companies can be of big help, especially if you are inexperienced in this area.

Masquerade Ball

No company Halloween party is complete without having people show up for work in fun and scary costumes. You can choose to pick different themes every year to foster creativity. At the end of the day, reward your ghouls and witches for their efforts with different prizes.

Halloween Luncheons

Order a Halloween-inspired menu and have it delivered to your workplace. Set the cafeteria up with spooky decors for ambiance. You may even play eerie music on your PA system throughout the day.

Family Trick-or-Treat Day

It’s bring-your-child-to-work with a twist. Schedule a day in the week when you can have your employees’ kids over in costume. Have them go around the different offices and departments for trick-or-treats.

Halloween Volunteer Day

It’s not always about parties and drinks. Sometimes, a meaningful way of celebrating a holiday is giving back to the community. You and your team can volunteer to help set-up a Halloween party at an orphanage, a pedia ward at a hospital, or even just giving out treats to people on the streets. Do something good (and maybe something scary!) outside.


Aside from the usual decors you see at this time of the year, here are some simple DIY stuff you and your staff can do.

Potion Bottles

These are just repurposed wine bottles and twine with custom creepy labels, used candles, and some dollar store toys. Get the instructions at Crafty in Crosby.

Witch’s Broom Chandelier

Highlight your office’s lobby with this eerie trick. Fill a few mason jars with black sand and top them with battery-operated tea light candles. Hang a plain broom from the ceiling then carefully distribute the jars across the stick. For an added touch of creepiness, you may add a faux black cat, crows, or rubber mice on it.

Spooky Mirror

Add a touch of spookiness with this black-painted vintage mirror. Get the tutorial here.

Mummified Doors

Wrap your doors in white streamers, black and white construction paper, and double-sided tape.

Honey and Fitz has the tutorial you need for this.


Colorful candies What’s Halloween without the treats? Here are some eye-popping (get it?) treats that will surely delight your staff and employees.

Eyeball Cake Pops

These candy-coated treats are as spooky as they are delicious. Bakerella has more insight (groan!) on this.

Poison Cocktails

Gin, vermouth, and a few drops of green food coloring is the secret to this enticing witch’s brew.

Something-to-Hide Devil’s Food Cupcakes

This one proves to be a mouthful to eat as it is to say. Get the recipe here.

Spooky Forest Pudding Cups

These devilishly delicious pudding cups make for a great way to finish your Halloween meal. Here’s how to make them.

Get the whole gang in on the Halloween spirit! Have a spooktacular celebration!