Why Metal Roofing is “The Right Stuff”

Metal RoofingTwenty years ago, roofs made from metal are mostly corrugated roofs that do not have much appeal. Today, the market offers lightweight, fire-resistant, and long lasting products of immense variety. A metal roof may look great on your neighbor’s new home, but is it the right pick for your own renovation project? 

Your local roofing contractor can help you understand the current options. You might be surprised to hear favorable recommendations from experts. Here are some of the positive attributes of metal roofing you will hear from them.


The raw materials used for roofing systems are not all virgin steel or aluminum. About 30-60% of roofing products are recycled. Other types of roofs are not as pro-environment as a copper roof, although you have to be ready to invest a considerable sum. Aside from recyclability, this roof system is also energy efficient. Innovations such as reflective pigment technology boost the energy efficiency of your roof even further.

Durability and reliability

Once you have them installed, they will serve your family for many decades, and with low maintenance requirements at that. Reroofing is not going to be on your list of things to do in the next few years. You will be seeing plenty of that in your community in the next decade or so, but with a metal roof system, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars on major repairs after a tremendous hailstorm or a severe snowy winter.


You're not limited to the traditional profile of aluminum, steel, and copper roofing. These days, you can even order online if you prefer to install a system that looks like clay tiles or shingles. Cypressmetals.com says metal roofing companies in Utah that also offer fabrication services often offer customization.

A good quality roofing system made from galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper will remain intact and attractive for decades. Learn more about the pros and cons of the different types available, and be confident in your choice.