Ways a Tan Can Reveal Your Sculpted Muscles

Tanning products reveal the sculpted body of female bodybuilder

Are you wondering why some bodybuilders have darker skin? One of the reasons professionals get tanner during competitions or when they have photo shoots is because they want to show muscle definition. A tan is one of the ways to make your physique look better, especially, if you have put so much effort in the gym and in eating the right way.

Here are some of the ways a tan reveals the sinews, shadows and perfect sculpting of your muscles.

Tighter Skin

When you use a Bali Body skin bronzer lotion to get a tan, one of its effects is to tighten skin and removes excess fluid when you sweat. However, when choosing a product to get that bronze tinge you want, look for one that has a good SPF level and consume plenty of food or supplements that contain antioxidants. Doing so counteracts the adverse effects of free radicals and staying in the sun too long.

Reveal Defined Muscles

There’s a reason most bodybuilders are a golden bronze during competitions; they want to win by showing off the lines and sinews of the biceps, triceps, back and abs. There’s no mistaking that darker skin emphasizes muscles; if you have a pale, white complexion, get a tan or at least use a tanning product.

Cover Stretch Marks

One of the adverse effects of lifting weights is that as muscles grow bigger, they tend to leave stretch marks in various parts of the arms, legs, chest and even belly. Professional athletes hide these during competitions by getting a tan or lathering up on a tanning product.

Instead of ugly stretch marks, a tan hides these and then accentuates the definition of your muscles. Other than making your physique look better, tanning also evens your complexion, adding shades to lighter areas, resulting in a cleaner, defined appearance of each muscle.

A tan brings out the definition of your muscles, but it isn’t the only solution. You’ll need to put in the time and effort in the weight room and the right nutrition.