Water Can Kill You

water filter

Where there is water, there is life. It’s one of the rarest natural compounds in the universe and the most coveted factor in the search for intelligent life outside of Earth. But just like everything else in the world, water isn’t an absolute good for your health, and may even be slowly killing everyone.

water filter

There are two ways water is a potential threat to human health if left unchecked, and the first is bacteria. Water gives life, and that goes for every organism on the planet. If a single dew drop is home to millions of tiny paramecium and tardigrades, who knows what kind of microscopic organisms live in a glass.

The most common contaminant in water is coliform bacteria. These creatures usually live in soil, vegetation, and animal intestines, and commonly enter water lines whenever wells and pipes are installed or repaired. Coliform by themselves have no effect on humans, but their presence is an indication of more harmful microorganisms in the water.

Fortunately, companies like Clean and Clear Water Filters provide the public with the technology that neutralises such threats before they even reach people. Many people who grew up drinking water from taps are disappointed that the world has gotten to a point when not even the water is safe. But the next condition will easily demonstrate how water has never been completely safe.

The second less common way of water murder is through water intoxication – yes, you read it right. This is a condition wherein people not only fall ill, but die as a result of drinking too much water. Water intoxication is a condition wherein the normal balance of electrolytes in the body is pushed beyond its limits causing a disturbance in the brain.

Contracting water intoxication under normal conditions is incredibly rare, and most fatalities occur in water drinking contests. Water is just like any other substance on earth and can turn into poison when over-consumed, emphasising the importance of moderation in life.