Was Your Loved One Arrested for Shoplifting in NC? Here’s What To Do

A Woman Trying to Shoplift

A Woman Trying to ShopliftHave you recently received a call from a loved one who got arrested for shoplifting? While it’s okay to feel worried, it is better to stay calm and logical in this situation. Read on to know the first things you should do.

Look for a Bail Bondsman

Shoplifting in North Carolina is a crime that comes with severe penalties. Your loved one may face up to 25 months of jail time, depending on the severity of the charges. Learning the possible charges may shock you, but you need to focus on easing this difficult circumstance for your loved one. So, if your family member does end up in jail the first thing you must do is to bail him or her out — but it’s rather expensive.

If you don’t have enough cash for the bail, look for a qualified bail bondsman in Raleigh, NC. This professional will help process and pay for the bail on behalf of your loved one. Remember though that bail bond companies or agents will ask you to pay for a percentage (two to ten percent) of the bail amount before they assist your loved one. Despite that, it is still more affordable than bailing your loved one out of jail on your own.

Hire a Defense Attorney

Many people charged with shoplifting often assume they will be found guilty, so they neglect to hire a criminal defense attorney. You need to know, however, that there are some defenses against a shoplifting charge. For one, there could be a lack of criminal intent or the witness is unreliable. Hire a seasoned defense lawyer, and you can help your loved one avoid criminal charges and other consequences. In case your loved one is guilty, the lawyer can help negotiate a plea bargain or ask for deferred prosecution programs in exchange for jail time and criminal records.

Give your loved one the chance to correct his or her mistakes; they don’t deserve to rot in prison for slip-ups like shoplifting – or for nothing at all. Bail them out, provide them with a good defense attorney, and advise them not to repeat the mistake.