Engagement Ring Cuts for the Bride of Character

A Close-up Shot on an Engagement Ring

A Close-up Shot on an Engagement RingAfter years of dating, you finally decided to put a ring on it. You set the date already and even got her friends and loved ones to help you out in pulling your grand marriage proposal off. Now, all that’s left is to decide which ring would be perfect for her.

Because shops like MoissaniteCo.com have a lot of classic and glamorous styles in their collection, you won’t have to worry about where to get the ring. What you need to ask instead is which style would complement and reflect her taste and personality. Here are some engagement ring cuts for brides with unique characters.

Round Cut for the Simple and Classy Lady

If her style and personality lean more on the conservative and timeless side, then the round cut is perfect for her. It’s not over the top, but still eye-catching, which is probably the same reason you were drawn to her.

Round engagement rings are a top pick for the likes of Michelle Obama, whom everyone agrees is a woman of class and impeccable character.

Square Cut for the Power Woman

The edgy and high-flying career woman may prefer a square cut engagement ring that makes a statement. The structured design spells her knack for keeping things in order and letting them go as planned. The strong woman will find a perfect jewelry in the square cut engagement ring.

Cushion Cut for the Glam and Modern Babe

The cushion-style engagement ring is one of the most popular options today. With no less than celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian sporting the ring, it reflects the glamorous and modern bride-to-be who’s unafraid to be her daring self, and yet, slays when it comes to timeless style choices.

There you have it; ring cuts for your bride-to-be. Take your pick and get ready to see it bring a sparkle to her finger, and to her face, as she looks forward to walking down the aisle.