Types of Material Handling Equipment in Construction

Mobile crane lifitng steel beam

The machines you will need in a construction project will change depending on the size and stage of the project. You, for instance, will need excavation machines when starting and grading equipment towards the end. In most cases, it is challenging to own every piece of construction machine you will need for your project. You nonetheless need not slow down or mismanage your construction by using crude tools to handle the elements of your project for which you do not have heavy machines.

You can opt for machine hire rather than getting equipment like diggers for sale. Over time, you can keep building up your machine fleet by buying a machine at a time from the same company you hire the machines from. One of the typically overlooked elements in the construction sector are the machines used for material handling. These will haul construction supplies, other machines and building materials to, from and within your site and from lower levels to the upper floors. The following are the material handling machines used for construction projects.


These come with sheaves, hoists, and ropes and are used to lift materials to the upper floors in a construction site. They also suffice for the demolition of structures on your site. Mobile cranes comprise trusses mounted on mobile platforms like flatcars and trucks. Fixed cranes, on the other hand, are more stable and have better reach compared to mobile cranes. They are thus used for hauling heavier loads to higher levels compared to the latter.


These are used to push and pull other machines and supplies on your site. The biggest benefit of using tractors for your site’s material handling is the availability of different attachments that can be used with them for diverse tasks. Some of these accessories include backhoes blades, buckets, and quick hitches. Like bulldozers, tractors are wheel or track-based. Track-based tractors are ideal for muddy terrains, but they operate at slow speeds.


The two primary types of trucks on construction sites are hauling and dump trucks. These have high travel speeds for travelling on established roads. Dump trucks will move dirt, sands, clay and soils. Rear and side dump trucks will dispose of materials through an attached body on their chassis. Bottom dump trucks open from their base to release their content. In rough terrain, the best choices are articulated dump trucks. Hauling trucks will be used to transport your equipment fleet to and from your site.


loader digging landThese will load loose materials onto another machine such as a conveyor belt or dump truck. In most cases, the destination machines are positioned at a higher level compared to the material being hauled. In some instances, you can also use the loaders as your transport machines. You will choose from wheel or track-based loaders depending on your construction terrain.

The above material handling machines will make a difference in the completion of your project. You, after all, will not do much if you cannot remove materials you are not using from your site or get the ones you are using to where you want them. Using the machines rather than manual labour will also cut back on your project’s expenses.