Twitter and Marketing: When Should You Tweet?

When promoting a product or service online, many businesses think big, and they are used to this. However, things are changing, and different markets respond in different ways. For example, some people become aware of new products and services through Facebook ads, with large graphics and long but catchy captions. Others are attracted to the visual capacity of Instagram, how one can take a look at a single picture or a set of images, admire their composition, and appreciate the straightforwardness of its caption.

Twitter works differently from these two sites. Taking into account the time zone of London or other areas, your digital agency can make the most out of Twitter’s marketing potential. It is popular with different kinds of Internet users across several generations. It has a broader scope of uses and ideas for a variety of audiences. It is also brief, with each Tweet only limited to two hundred and eighty characters. You cannot post long tweets, unlike the extended captions in Facebook ads or Instagram posts. Also, like the other social media sites, Twitter allows you to post pictures and videos to go along with your carefully crafted Tweet.

But when is the right time to tweet?

The Ideal Time

The timing depends on who you are selling the product or the service to. People of different ages have different schedules, and you must take that into account when you blast advertisements or even teasers. In general, most Twitter users are active on Friday mornings, between 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Tweets posted on Sundays get the least likes, retweets, and replies. But these factors change to some degree when you consider whom you’re tweeting for.

Consider the Ages


Pay attention to your target market. For instance, people who want news from Twitter will get to check it first thing in the morning before work or school. This usually happens between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Students and young people go anywhere with their phones, and so tweets posted on Saturdays between 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM get a high level of engagement. It is also good to post on Friday evenings if you want to target the young.

Different Time Zones

If you work for a London-based company, their time zone falls under the Greenwich Median Time (GMT), which means that you must follow GMT and realign your schedule to post whenever Londoners are most active online. Also, consider the culture and habits of the country your product or service is targeting. Are they heavy drinkers at night? Do their students go to school in shifts? Do they use the Internet regularly? How do they make use of Twitter in their ordinary lives? These are things that may require some research. But the results will pay off.

Twitter is underappreciated, and the use of Instagram and Facebook has overshadowed its potential as a marketing tool. Twitter is mostly used by journalists and other institutions to give facts and report news details, and its more visual elements are sadly underutilized. Maybe your company can change that. Who knows? This will put you one step ahead of your competitors.