Top Five Essentials for First-Time Travelers

Couple traveling

Couple traveling

Traveling to the Holy Land can be an eye-opening experience for most people. But like any other international travels, going to other countries is a huge stretch. You need to carefully plan everything that you need to ensure that you will have a relaxing and worry-free LDS Israel vacation.

So, to help you enjoy your tour, here is a list of the things you should bring when you are traveling overseas.

Utilitarian phone case

Manufacturing companies are now innovating simple products like phone cases, turning them into something so much more. Some phone cases, for example, function as card cases, as well.

These can carry your IDs, credit cards and even your metro pass, so you will not have to scourge inside your bag to look for it. It can be convenient when traveling and can be a real lifesaver when you are overseas.

USB cable

Most people nowadays cannot leave without their gadgets. So it is best to bring an extra USB cable with you during your travels. Most planes have a USB plug in each seat. Although it will not be able to recharge your gadget right away, it should at least prevent your phone from running out of juice.

Bring a long cable with you so you can still use your gadget comfortably, or store it in the seat pocket. Choose a USB cable that is compatible with your device so that it will work properly.

Handy battery pack

Taking pictures is like keeping a piece of your adventures with you wherever you go. However, doing so tends to drain your phones easily. That is why bringing an external battery is a must whenever you travel.

This will ensure that your gadgets will not run out of juice quickly. However, you need to check the reviews of the people who have already purchased it to ensure its quality.


You need to have a pen always wherever you go. Most countries will ask you to fill out a form containing some necessary information. Moreover, most airports and flight attendants do not have any spare pens with them, too. It will be much easier for you to bring a pen that has black ink.

Address of your accommodation

Couple receiving their keycard

Your accommodation will be a part of almost every form that you need to fill out. Some countries will even ask a lot more questions about your entire trip, including the duration of your stay in a specific hotel.

Although you generally need to know the place that you will be staying, there is a chance that they might ask you more questions than you might be anticipating. Keeping a copy of the address including its details will ensure that you will be able to answer all of their queries.

These are only a few of the things that you need to bring with you on your travels, especially when you are flying to another country, far from your comfort zone. Make sure to pack all essentials to have an enjoyable trip.