Thinking Outside the Box: How to Come up with Great Business Ideas

businessman working

Startup ideas can come from anywhere. It can come to you when you’re in the shower. You can take a vacation and deliberately think of something that you can offer your market. There are many ways to come up with a business idea that has the potentiality to be great. But here’s the thing: how do you know this will make it big in the market? The answer is that you don’t know. You have to trust the idea and make it work through hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and a whole lot of luck.

An Original Idea

What’s an original idea? Is manufacturing a liquid filling head an authentic idea? Is offering glass blowing services out of the ordinary? What will make your idea stand out from what is already being offered in the market?

But look, there are countless business ideas out there. Some of them worked. Some didn’t. You most likely won’t be the first one to think of a product or service you can sell. A lot of talented entrepreneurs waste time thinking of an original idea, but they should actually be focusing on how to offer better products and services. Instead of thinking of products that are not being offered in the market, you can focus on what’s already there but improve upon them.

Experts said not to believe in the “myth” that an idea isn’t good because there is already competition. While dominating a niche is good for business, improving upon existing products and services is also a great business idea. It means offering something “more” to your customers. Put this in mind: Facebook and Google are not the first social media network and search engine, respectively, but look at them now.

Use Your Skill Set

team meetingYou don’t necessarily have to turn a hobby or passion into a business, but you must determine what particular skills you have that will benefit a business. If you aren’t good with finances, why would you open a financial consultation service company? Determine what you are good at. Are you great at house cleaning and organizing? You can start a house cleaning and organizing company. You can train people on how to keep their homes organized and clean. It’s surprising how much people don’t know about proper cleaning methods.

Solve a Problem

Look around you. There are plenty of problems that can be solved with a device, a tool, or a service. Who would have thought there would be a device in the future that you can ask to turn on the lights, play a song, and ask how the weather is outside? But there you go with Amazon’s Alexa.

Being a good entrepreneur isn’t about being the smartest person in the room. It’s more about finding solutions to everyday problems. If you identify a problem and someone hasn’t solved it yet, then there is a market for it. So, go out there and find a problem to solve. Or maybe, you already have something in mind. Test out your theory and see where it will take you.

Find Inspiration Abroad

During your travels abroad, you might have noticed a thing or two that you think will also work in your own country. Boba tea was brought from Taiwan. Iced coffee came from Australia. Cosplaying is, of course, a big thing in Japan. Look for inspiration outside the country or even outside your city.

But how can you tell something you saw abroad is a good idea? You will notice it by its persistence. If you think about it day and night and identify people you pass by on the street as potential customers, then you should give it a try. Research about it. See if there’s a market for it. Start small and grow your business.

Go Out There and Do It

No business idea can be perfect. It will always have a certain flaw. If you wait for it to be perfect, you’ll never take a step forward. Test out your “maybe ideas.” These ideas could potentially be something in the future. At first, these ideas may be less than promising. But with time and hard work, it could bloom into something more.

Often, the biggest barrier to that next great business idea is your fear. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when it comes to business. Everyone makes mistakes but it is the nature of good entrepreneurs to dust off their hands and get to work again. That’s what separates a great idea from a not-so-great one: the entrepreneur. It’s not the idea itself, but the person behind that idea.