Teeth Straightening The Clear Braces Way

woman wearing clear braces

One of the most important requirements for modern braces for adults is that they don’t dominate the mouth in the way that old school, heavy-duty metal braces do. The good news is that for many alignment issues in adults, there is no need for such serious metalwork. The other good news is that clear braces come in a variety of systems now, and as long there is no need for bite correction, most adults can take advantage of the benefits of clear braces in Buckinghamshire.

Clear braces in Buckinghamshire are available from a variety of good dentists, including Garden View Dental Care. There are broadly 2 kinds of clear braces, fixed and removable. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Fixed clear braces

Fixed clear braces in Buckinghamshire work on the same tried and trusted principles of mechanics as traditional metal braces. That means brackets fixed to the teeth, with wires strung between them and tightened to pull the teeth into position. The difference with clear braces is that the brackets are made of clear ceramic rather than metal, and they are smaller. The nickel titanium wires are tooth-coloured. Together they blend in with the teeth and are a discreet presence rather than a loud and overwhelming one. The braces use much gentler forces because this kind of braces for adults is aimed at moving the teeth only, and not repositioning the jaw. This also means that realignment is much quicker, sometimes taking as little as 6months rather than 2or 3years.

Removable clear braces

This kind of braces are also known as clear aligners. They work on different principles from bracket and wire braces, pushing rather than pulling the teeth into alignment. The aligners look like very thin mouth guards that snap on over the teeth. They are only about 0.3millimetres thick, and all but disappear from sight once they are in place. There is a series of incremental aligners, somewhere between 12 and 48, the patients need to wear to complete treatment. Each takes about 2 weeks to do its job, then it’s time for the next one. These clear braces have to be removed for eating and cleaning.