The Pandemic Cashflow: Ensuring You Won’t Run Out of Money under COVID-19

paper cash and calculator on a table

The pandemic has been a cause of concern for a lot of people. Those whose main concerns are their jobs — a main source of income. More than money, of course, people are trying to find a source because they’re not sure just how long their cash will stay.

That’s the reason behind taking any job that they can do. Some might be able to do improvement courses in driver safety online, while others may be building side gigs that can turn into full-on businesses even after the pandemic. No one is sure how things may go, but at least, they’re assured of sources of income rather than just the money from their jobs.

There are many ways to make money during the pandemic, most of them found online. Here are a few ideas to ensure that COVID-19 doesn’t stunt your cash flow.

Focus on businesses that are big right now

It’s easy to see which businesses are booming right now, and those are easily marketable through digital means. If you’re looking to do a side-gig, consider going into the cleaning services niche or the e-learning category if you can. They’re among the booming businesses because of their connections to the current pandemic situation.

That’s not to say that there are businesses where the market is over-saturated. Look at the sanitizer and face mask niche. In the early days of the pandemic, they are good investment choices since there is a lot of demand, but now, the market has become very competitive for its good.

Unclutter and sell

This one’s a two-way street; it’s a sort of improvement too. When at home, you may have noticed many items that you don’t have any use for anymore. You can gather all of them, sort out any that you can still see a use for. The rest should go into a box that’s set to be sold off to unclutter your home.

A good example would be clothes that you no longer wear. Avoid selling a few shirts you may still need after the pandemic. Some electronics are also a good sell. Think of a few items in your home that might still have a use — they may become instant cash in your pockets this pandemic.

Do a part-time job

This could easily be a full-time job if you’re one of the many unfortunate people who found themselves suddenly out of jobs. If you’re looking to make extra money on the side, though, you can get an easy part-time job that could shoulder part of the bills. That’s extra money and extra help for this uncertain time.

Most part-time gigs can be found online, but you can choose to work at a local grocery store or even a restaurant in your vicinity. Just remember not to find something too far since you’re still technically avoiding the virus.

man working alone

Capitalizing on something you do well

This is one part of getting paid for something you do well and no one else can’t. If you can get paid teaching others about it, then it’s a reputable side-gig. It should be easy to think of things you’re good at since you always get accolades and praise for them.

This could also be a basis for what side-gig you’re going to get. If you’re good at writing or creating images, then you should strive to get paid for it. More gigs mean more cash for whatever emergencies or uncertainties you might find yourself in during the pandemic.

Become a consultant

This is more about becoming a paid adviser of some sort. If you’re good at writing, you shouldn’t just get paid to do it. Sometimes, you can go beyond editing someone’s work and advise companies or start-ups on how they should go about doing their article write-ups or SEO campaigns.

It’s like striking out on your own. This is more of your working for yourself and marketing your expertise rather than seeing if a company will pay you to write. You must do a lot of research to make sure you’re being paid well and at the correct rate, but otherwise, this tends to pay more than just being an online employee.


The pandemic is still a source of concern for many people because of the uncertainty. However, knowing what you can do and acting on it is better than just moping around and lamenting the general uncertainty of everyone’s situation.