7 Tricks to Lure More Clients Into Your Business

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of businesses struggled to stay operational due to the disruptive nature of the pandemic. As supply chains got broken and once-thriving businesses began to lose clients due to financial constraints, a staggering number of business ventures had to do drastic measures. Many of them resorted to mass layoffs, limited their operational hours, and declared temporary or permanent closures.

As even the biggest brands in big industries such as fashion giant Under Armour suffered heavy financial losses, startups and medium-scale businesses should take the necessary steps to stay afloat amid this crisis. And one way to do that is to keep the current market into the business fold and strive to attract new ones to drive the business forward. This should be done cost-efficiently as the global economy is still not in the clear yet.

Here are seven inexpensive ways to lure clients into your business:

Market your business as the answer to clients’ problems

You cannot expect to make the cash registers busy if clients are not coming into your stores or doing business with you because they think you don’t have what they need. The way to address this is to position your business as the ultimate answer to your clients’ problems. If they need nutritious food but are afraid to go out and buy fruits and vegetables at the local supermarket, then say that your company can deliver fresh farm produce to their doorsteps.

Whether you’re offering products or services, just learn how to communicate the idea of your business as the go-to place for the things that they need.

Have a presentable aura

If you’re constantly meeting up with potential business partners and clients, you have to look presentable from every angle. If it entails going to a reliable orthodontist to give you that perfect smile or having a custom business suit made by a first-rate tailor, then do it. The same is true with your physical store or clinic: it has to be inviting enough to lure people into your doors and avail whatever products or services that you have to offer.

Never underestimate the power of discounts and promos

Right now, potential clients are looking for businesses that can offer them the best value for their money, so it only makes sense to periodically offer discounts and promos to attract them. You can begin a referral program or a frequent buyer’s discount (much like the frequent flyer scheme of airline companies) to make your business more appealing to our new clients and the loyal ones as well.

Mind your online presence

social media

Many businesses even before the pandemic have social media accounts and websites that serve as their main means of promotion. You may opt to advertise for free via Facebook’s Marketplace (which also offers paid or sponsored posts) or you could shell out a certain amount to have a professional online marketing company run an SEO campaign for you. W you wish to do this, having a strong online presence will be critical in attracting new clients as people these days are keen on online shopping for the products and services that they need.

Consider partnering with complementary businesses

If you don’t want to spend money to let potential clients know about your business, you should consider partnerships with businesses that complement yours. If your business is about healthy meals and you currently don’t have the means to do deliveries, then you could search for a business that offers affordable home deliveries. Your businesses can agree to promote each other’s products or services to respective clients, so you can both promote without spending a penny.

Go as deeply involved in your community as possible

Numerous surveys revealed that people are more willing to patronize local businesses than those located in another state or county. Knowing this, you have to find ways to embed your business into your community to enjoy such a loyal client base. You can support community fundraising, participate in local bazaars, or sponsor a local sports team. Just make your involvement as cost-efficient, heartfelt, and visual as possible to endear your business to the community.

Offer great customer experience

Word of mouth marketing is said to be the cheapest, yet most effective means of business promotion. This simply refers to existing clients saying great things about your business to their friends, family, and colleagues without getting paid for it. They market your business because they love it: your products or services and the way you treat customers. So, make sure to ensure that customers will always have a great experience when doing business with you and you’ll be rewarded for it.

Attracting new clients to your business should not be expensive. With these tips, you can promote your business to potential clients and achieve success even amid the pandemic.