The Best Cycling Destinations in Italy

Hiker with bicycle watching sunset

Italy has long been recognised as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Be it the stunning architecture of a city, or the magnificence of the countryside, there is a reason that Italian landscapes continue to dominate postcards and travel photos.

Because of this, Italy Road Cycling has become a popular pastime in Italy. So much so that even tourists have taken to exploring the country on a bicycle. Riding leisurely through the country allows you to fully experience the beauty before you and take in as much as you can.

Hence, it is no surprise that Italy continues to be a popular destination among both leisure and competitive cyclists. Here are some of the best routes in Italy to cycle on:

The Dolomite

Located amongst the Italian Alps, the Dolomites boast some of the most unique rock formations that you can find in Italy. As a result, the jagged terrain not only makes for some very picturesque landscapes and Instagram-worthy photos but also a good number of thrills as you go up and down the mountainsides.

This also provides a great vehicle for socialising and building friendships. For these reasons, this destination is equally popular among both cyclists and hikers, as well as anyone with a love of the outdoors.


The Italian region of Tuscany is synonymous with breath-taking natural landscapes, and cycling through the area is one way of experiencing this for yourself. The Tuscan landscapes are dotted with quaint villages and nature reserves, set against the majestic backdrops of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennine mountains.

A relaxed, leisurely ride through Tuscany’s rolling hills and meandering roads is definitely enough to bring out the magic of the region, as well as give your trip an extra dose of magic of its own.


venice italy

Ride through one of the most picturesque routes that Italy has to offer. Not only will you pass by some beautiful landscapes located in the Italian region of Veneto, but the ride is also a flat, easy one that can be taken by people of all ages and riding abilities.

Begin your route in the romantic city of Verona, most famous as the home of Romeo and Juliet, and make your way through the rich wine-producing area of Custoza, before making your way to the well-preserved medieval commune of Valeggio Sul Mincio.


Explore the island at Italy’s southern tip and treat yourself to some breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is recommended that you take the ride along the coast of Sicily in the morning to best enjoy the sea breeze and fresh air that comes your way.

Slow down and relax as you pedal through historic small towns, quaint fishing villages, and roads that are lined with fruit and vegetable plantations. Cap your ride off with a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and a hearty lunch of freshly caught fish.

Via Francigena

One of the longest established cycling routes in Italy, the Via Francigena is as historic as they come. On your ride, you will pass through the famous St. Bernard Pass in the Italian Alps, which is a pilgrimage route that connects Italy and Switzerland, before ending your journey at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

On the way, you will encounter numerous olive groves, vineyards, and hilltop towns that will make for an unforgettable view.

Cycling is truly one of the best ways to discover the beauty of nature. Hence, it is no surprise that both local Italians and tourists continue to make cycling a way of life in the country.