How to Ensure a Successful Cross Country Road Trip

group of people on a road trip in countryside

People travel for different reasons. Some want to see the world, some want to experience different cultures, and others just use it as a way to escape the routine of everyday life. Whatever the reason, traveling or going on a long drive is good for the mind, body and soul.

People opting to drive across America will get to enjoy cinematic landscapes, odd town names, and eat delicious, mind-blowing food that’s not yet been hyped in social media. For these reasons, and many more, cross country driving is becoming increasingly popular.

As easy as it is to jump in the car and set out for that adventure of a lifetime, road trips do require a bit of prior planning. Here are some guides to ensure a smooth cross country ride:

Prepare the Vehicle

Car care is necessary the whole year-round. But before a road trip, car care is especially crucial. The last thing anyone would want to happen on a cross country drive is to end up sitting on the side of the road, and waiting for a tow truck, while the rest of the world cruise along to their destination.

Before heading on a road trip, minimize the possibility of the car breaking down by scheduling a tune-up. It is important to take the car in for a check of fluid levels. These include the brake, radiator, power steering, transmission and the wiper fluids. Also, tires and oils should be inspected to guarantee a smooth drive.

Pick Key Stops and Map The Route

Modern navigation systems available in Provo, Utah have made country trip planning a breeze. The new devices are now able to present all the necessary features in a single display. This makes navigating less distracting for drivers. It is also now possible to download offline maps of all needed points of interest.

Choosing the anchor stops will lay the foundation for the entire trip. These stops could be famous landmarks, national parks and other non-negotiable sights. Also, avoid leaving gas stops to chance. Instead, plan them out as part of the key stops.

Once the must-see points of interests have been laid out, plan the route. Be as detailed as possible. Map out the estimated times and mileage in between stops. Build alternate routes, too, in case any unforeseen obstacles and pitfalls come up.

Make a Packing List of Road Trip Essentials

travel essentials

Without the right road trip supplies, a cross country drive can go south quickly. When packing for a road trip, it is essential to bring items that cannot be easily found while on the road. An emergency car kit is an important part of any road trip packing list.

The National Safety Council lists the following essentials to be included in a vehicle emergency kit: spare tires, jumper cables, compass, first aid kit, reflective vest, among many others. Make sure to prepare the list months ahead, so any other must-bring items that might have initially been overlooked can still be added as the planning continues.

Taking a cross country trip with the family, a loved one or with friends will always stand out among all other vacations. That being said, it is important to plan ahead, prepare for the unexpected and hit the road fully prepared.

There is no greater buzzkill than having a vacation ruined because of bad planning or of no planning at all.