The Benefits of Braces

Woman with dental braces bitting anpple

Woman with dental braces bitting anpple

Many patients seek long-term solutions for healthier teeth and it is important to remember that straighter teeth are better and healthier teeth.

It is not only important for a patient’s self-esteem to have straight and even teeth, resulting in a smile that wants to be seen, but when a bite is aligned properly, there is less risk of trapped food causing a buildup of plaque which leads to tooth decay. By straightening crooked and misaligned teeth, headaches, earaches, gum disease, speaking, chewing and biting issues can also be reduced or even eliminated as well.

For children and adults alike, by correcting the alignment of the teeth in a mouth by the use of braces in Cheltenham, the investment in time and money has a long-term and extremely positive impact on oral health.

What would a person come to expect from wearing braces?

Braces work by using constant pressure over a designated period of time to slowly move teeth into a correct position. As the teeth are being moved, the bone slowly changes shape.

Modern braces are a lot faster and often times more subtle than their older counterparts. Although it is known that there is some discomfort with braces due to the nature of their purpose, ever attempt is being made to ensure a quick and comfortable procedure.

Someone who wears braces, either permanent or removable will find that over a period of time their teeth with straighten and any resulting issues that arose from their incorrect bite will be rectified.

Aren’t braces only for teenagers?

It is common for children and teenagers to have braces as the problems arise in the structure of the teeth, mouth and jaw bone and are picked up by a competent dentist.

However, adults should always consider the option of braces at any stage in their lives as teeth are always moving and modern technology and insurance plans have made this once expensive treatment to become more readily available to all patients.

What are some signs that a person may need braces?

Dentist having a discussion with patient

There are 5 common reasons why a person will seek orthodontic treatment to straighten and correct their teeth. They are as follows.

Crowding results in their being insufficient room in the mouth for all of the teeth. This results in crooked teeth which can worsen over time and make simple tasks such as brushing and flossing difficult. This can result in an accumulation of plaque and cause decay, bad breath and gum disease.

An overbite is when the front teeth stick out much further than the bottom teeth. This can result in an increased risk of trauma to the front teeth.

A crossbite refers to a bite where an upper tooth is behind the opposing bottom tooth. It can result in an excessive wearing out of teeth and increased gum recession.

An underbite is an abnormal bite where all the upper front teeth are behind the bottom front teeth. This can cause a difficulty in chewing and biting and can age the face prematurely.

Finally, an open bite can be corrected by braces and bring the front teeth together where they would normally not touch. An open bite can cause speech problems such as lisps.

These are some of the most common reasons to have braces as a corrective procedure. There are many more and it is advisable to speak to a dentist regarding any questions one may have.