Talking Problems: Correcting Speech Impediments

Speech ImpedimentsSpeech impediments may be common in children and sometimes disappear over time. Children, as they grow, continue to develop parts of their body needed for proper communication. Some of them may not even have their permanent set of teeth before they reach puberty. it is normal for them to have some defects in their speech but when adults still have them, there might be some underlying problems.

Having speech defects can affect a person’s social skills, cites Smile Design Dental Practice. The inability to establish connections with other people may, in turn, lower a person’s self-esteem. While most speech impediments require the help of a professional, here are some things you can do.


Sometimes, speech impediments are only brought about by improper use of your mouth. You may have been used to doing the same thing over and over that your body finds it difficult to correct. One of the most common types of speech defect is the lisp. This is the difficulty in pronouncing the words with the letter S. An exercise you can do to correct this problem is to look in the mirror and observe the movement of your tongue.

Dental Implants

In Buckinghamshire, dental implants are a common option to replace missing teeth. Every part of the mouth is important in creating the sounds you need to form words. Speech is formed with a mixture of movements from the vocal chords to all the other elements such as tongue, lips and teeth. This is why missing teeth should never be left without a solution. If you wish to be more eloquent with speaking, you first need to have a healthy set of teeth. When you find yourself missing some permanent teeth, it is time to have them replaced with artificial ones.

Problems with speaking should not be a hindrance to your life. Have yourself checked out and see what other things you can do to improve your speech.