Living on a Prayer: Budgeting like a Pro

Managing Money in UtahYou’re familiar with it — for different reasons. Some need to send all money home to make the most of that work visa the state of Utah granted. Others need to pay off mountains of debt. Sometimes, it’s also about supporting a parent or loved one who is sick or dependent.

No matter what reason you have, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to budget your small salary and get through the next few months. How do you do that? How do you plan it so you not only survive but succeed in your financial goals?

Real people say they’ve done to survive on the littlest salaries and most stringent budgets. Here’s what they’ve had to say:

1. Eat at home.

Here’s one thing that can really cut your expenses in more than half. Eating at home, freezing meals, packing lunches and finishing all your leftovers can really help you cut down on expenses. What’s more, it keeps you in the house since all the food is at home — which leads to less spending.

2. Walk everywhere you can.

While not viable in some places, walk everywhere you can. If this requires you to wake up an hour earlier or to leave work on time — then all the better! Not only do you get the benefits of exercise, you also save money and have those endorphins giving you energy all day.

3. Never go full price.

Go to thrift stores, flea markets and sales to get clothes, furniture and even books and other items! Paying full price for underwear and hygiene products is all right, but acquiring used stuff actually lets you get more things. You can think of it as a saving splurge!

Budgeting your money doesn’t mean that you have to starve or pity yourself. It’s all a matter of living within your means and prioritizing your expenses.