Stuck in a Creative Rut? Play with Your Temp

man adjusting AC to change room temp

man adjusting AC to change room tempNothing’s more frustrating for artists than being stuck in a creative rut. You know the struggle: you’re racking your brain all day, typing, deleting, and then typing again that same, old sentence of the short story you’ve been working on for months. You’ve done everything, but you’re just stuck.

Why don’t you take this unconventional advice to help you wiggle out of that creative dead end: adjust your room temperature.

The Genius of Temperature

A 2014 study shows that warm and cold temperatures can facilitate different kinds of creativity. In a series of experiments, scientists saw that when people experienced warmth, relational creativity kicks in. Basically, that’s the ability to associate stuff with other stuff. So, respondents who were given a hot cup of tea or made to stay in warmer rooms were able to group objects better and think of gift ideas for people.

On the other hand, when people feel cold, referential creativity flows. This creativity is the kind that allows you to break free from the traditional way of doing things. In other words, to think outside the box. So, people who were at cooler temperatures were able to identify metaphors and suggest new pasta names.

So, depending on the creativity you need, play with your room temperature. And make sure your AC is functioning well. Get air conditioning service from Utah specialists such as Whipple Service Champions to ensure that your place is conducive not just for increased comfort but creativity as well.

An End to Creative Dead End

Other than changing your temperature, there are other ways you can make your home a creativity catcher. One of the best strategies is to bring the outdoors in. Why? How? Nature relieves stress and stimulates the brain—the very things you need for creativity projects. The best way to add a touch of nature is to get indoor plants.

Bring an end to that creative dead end by playing with temperature and nature. Now, quit moping and write that short story.