The Store Owner’s 2015 Resolution: Better Decisions with Traffic Data

Store Owner’s 2015

Store Owner’s 2015As 2014 comes to a close, businesspeople everywhere are starting to think about goals to achieve for the upcoming year. As you come up with personal resolutions and promises—remember to include cutting down on sweets and exercising regularly—don’t forget what you need to resolve in business, too. If you have not come up with resolutions for business yet, sit down, get a pen, and make better decisions by using traffic data wisely.

Traffic and conversion are key success indicators for businesses in retail. If you have high traffic and conversion rates, it means you are gaining more profits and that you are effective at attracting customers to your store. It’s important to keep an eye on these data. Experts say that people counting software can help provide information about traffic trends and conversion rates.

Determine Foot Traffic Patterns

The use of people counting software at your entrances allows you to determine which entrances and areas of your store are frequented by customers. This information makes it easier to understand if your layout is effective. You can also streamline staffing strategies, assigning more employees to areas where there is heavy traffic flow.

Supervise and Schedule Employees Effectively

With people counters, you can keep track of your highest and lowest traffic times. This will help you supervise and schedule employees more effectively, thus improving customer service. Knowing high traffic times will help you assign employees strategically and make sure that they are where they must be when customers need them. On the other hand, determining low traffic times will enable the creation of cost-effective staffing plans.

Compute Sale Conversion Rate Accurately

Most retail owners have trouble doing the math on sales conversion rates and it often ends up being just plain guesswork. People counting software will enable you to compare how many people walked out of the store with a purchase and how many just walked through the store. You will learn about average conversion rates per year, month, week, day or even hour.

If you know traffic data, you will be able to cut down on costs, boost profits, and improve conversion rates. This 2015, resolve to become extra conscious about traffic data, so you can make better business decisions.

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