Side Hustles Every Artist Should Try To Become Financially Stable


Many people don’t value the role of artists in the food chain – that they make the world a more beautiful place with their paintings, songs, poetry, and other art. Because society has undervalued many artists and pays them because they don’t know the amount of work, time, passion, and effort every artist put in their work. Fortunately, conversations revolve around society’s treatment of artists that behavior towards creative people might change soon.

While the change that you want to see when it comes to income and perception that people have about any creative job might come a little slow, there are some side hustles you can look into if you want to make more cash in your free time. You don’t have to worry about selling out as these jobs would also allow you to be creative and express yourself and your art, so it would be worth your time to look at each of them.

Creative Side Hustles For The Modern Artists

Several studies have shown that doing a side hustle has become more mainstream in recent years as one-third of the American population are working more than one job to make ends meet. That may sound like a sad reality, making it more challenging for people to achieve a life and work balance – something everyone needs these days to stay sane and happy. But if you’re working many jobs and you like what you’re doing, it could be a great way to earn some extra cash and get less stressed about your financial situation. You could even have some savings for the rainy days and your plans. So, check out some side hustles that you can try for yourself.


Go Digital

If you’re a visual artist or your art can be turned into a product you could sell, you should consider becoming an entrepreneur. You can start an e-commerce, social media shop, and many other online stores where you can sell your products. One of the most popular ways to monetize your creative skills is to make prints, t-shirts, and tote bags. Wearables are trendy so try them if you have the skills. You can also do your own t-shirt screen prints at home and post some cool photos online to attract more attention to your page.

If you want to reach more people, you could also do some digital marketing campaigns for your online business. By doing this, you could be creative in the direction you want for your business and even boost your sales. Sponsoring your posts would also get more people to see them, so you should do that as it doesn’t cost so much, anyway.

Additionally, when you create social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, you could even earn some passive income for every paid advertisement, affiliate product placement, and more. Besides selling products, you could also sell some services like online lessons and skills or be a for-hire artist on websites like Fiver, Upwork, and more. You can also sell them as a pre-recorded online course that your followers can avail by subscribing to your channel for a small fee.

One more thing you can do is sell non-fungible Tokens or NFTs, which are digital versions of art, memes, videos, etc., and quite popular right now with many people worldwide who are spending a lot of money on them. Suppose you have any artistic photos, 3D art, or any visual piece of art that you have the skills to turn into digital work. In that case, you have to turn them into NFTs and sell them on websites like OpenSea, SuperRare, BakerySwap, KnownOrigin, and AtomicMarket. Please take advantage of this NFT craze while it’s still hot, as you could earn a lot of money from this trend.

Be Creative In Your Side Hustling

You can’t just jump on the bandwagon of side hustling without doing your research first. It would be wiser to take your time to plan everything so that the time, money, and talent you invest in your ventures wouldn’t go to waste. Ask your friends and people you know for advice, and go online to do your research.

Like many other businesses, there are some advantages and disadvantages to side hustling. These are things you would find out when you carefully plan your potential side gigs. Once you’ve successfully established your game plans, give it some time, and it will eventually be profitable and rewarding. You can prove the common misconceptions about artists being broke and struggling wrong.