Smart Suggestions to Succeed as a Single Parent

a child hugging his father

Parenting without a partner is a journey full of roadblocks. That’s because you are the only one having complete control over your child’s upbringing. You are entitled to make every decision about your child’s life, whether good or bad. Besides those things, instilling good values and developing essential skills in your child is all on you. Also, managing finance and work-life balance add to the difficulty. It’s therefore completely normal to experience worry and anxiety. It’s okay to feel guilty about not spending time with your child or not providing the lifestyle that your child deserves. But what’s not okay is letting all the concerns take a toll on your health.

Such an unhealthy way of dealing with stress will affect not only your and your child’s health but also your relationship. That’s because such a tense atmosphere can influence your child’s feelings, attitude, and emotions in a wrong way. Since you are the only role model in your child’s life, you need to put together your mental health and emotional state. You wouldn’t want your child to take after you when dealing with emotions. So consider the suggestions below to keep yourself collected and worry-free while raising your child on your own.

1. Organize Your Finances

The cost of living is already high, and making ends meet becomes even more stressful when raising a child on your own. Hence, it is critical to make and manage money wisely. Otherwise, you will be unable to provide quality education and a comfortable lifestyle to your child. Here’s how to handle this money issue:

  • Pay off your debts first.
  • Prepare a budget and stick to it.
  • For a while, avoid unnecessary expenses such as luxuries and spend only on daily essentials.
  • Make long-term investments for your child’s higher education, your retirement, and other things.
  • Develop a money-saving habit.
  • If necessary, seek child support from your ex. If the other parent denies the help even while financially stable, seek the help of a family attorney. Such a specialized lawyer will ensure that your child gets the support he deserves from the other parent.
  • Work two shifts or start a side business that you can do from home.
  • Finally, do other things that can earn you extra money, such as renting out a spare room in your house, selling online, tutoring, and anything else that you think is feasible.

All these will steadily improve your economic state, and you will be financially secure in a few years.

2. Build a Support Network

When you support family, friends, neighbors, and other single parents, single parenting becomes smoother. They will assist you in juggling multiple responsibilities. Besides, they will allow you to express your negative thoughts, fears, challenges, and experiences associated with single parenthood. In addition, they will teach your child skills that you do not know or cannot afford while also becoming their mentor. So never be afraid to seek outside assistance.

Do you have an important meeting lined up? Then ask someone to babysit. Do you have a full-time office job? Then offload the babysitting work to baby care centers. If you feel guilty or selfish from taking help, don’t. That’s because you can anytime return the favor in one way or the other.

I also suggest that you introduce your child to your network. As your network influences your child, your child must be aware of them as well.

3. Manage Time

a child hugging their mother

Single parents are tasked with spinning too many plates at once. Hence, finding time for your child and yourself may seem like a challenge. However, to stay healthy and maintain a healthy relationship with your child, you must overcome this challenge.

Time for Your Kid

Spending quality time with your kid is crucial. Otherwise, your kid will feel neglected and may soon start acting out. Besides, staying up to date with the kid’s feelings, thoughts, school life, personal life, etc., is essential to rule out things that may bother your kid. You should, therefore, if not daily, then weekly spend time with your kid. This way, your relationship with your child will become stronger, and your child will become happier for the attention, love, and care they receive.

Time for Yourself

To offer your best, you must be at your best and in excellent health. Only by taking care of yourself will you be able to stay healthy and manage your responsibilities effectively. Therefore, set aside some time to devote solely to yourself. Indulge in something that will spiritually relax you while also boosting your mood. Perhaps a relaxing massage, jogging, a warm bath, a video game, or some reading? Do whatever makes you happy.

These are the three most crucial things that will keep you going as a single parent. Your obstacles will not be gone, but your journey will become easier and more bearable.