Roof Protection: Defend Yourself Against Scammers


Through the years, movies have given audiences a subconscious suggestion to never trust a man who can anticipate when you’re about to slam the door on him, and stick his foot in the door jam. Unlike most Hollywood wisdom, there’s some practicality to this one. Although many door-to-door sales representatives are honest people, scammers have infiltrated their ranks.


Mode of Operation

Scammers have permeated every industry imaginable, including roofing contractors. “Agents” would go door-to-door pretending to represent a reputable local company, like George Parsons Roofing Inc. in Long Island, for example. They introduce themselves under the guise of a free roof inspection, or something similar to get in your door, and lure you into signing a contract.

This is one of the biggest frauds plaguing roofing contractors across the country. The worst part of the entire situation, though, is that there are legitimate agents who get most of the abuse from victims of scammers who got there first.

Protect Yourself

The first step to protecting yourself from scammers is to be aware of the problem. Staying alert and paying attention to whatever they’re saying can go a long way in determining whether the person you’re talking to is a fraud or the real deal.

Don’t sign anything; scammers can’t do anything until they get your signature. If the agent claims to represent a company, ask for his ID, and contact the company he claims to represent. Only sign documents at their office if you’re interested in what they’re offering.