Renovating Your House on a Budget? Here’s How to Do It

blueprints next to a drill

You can still have your dream house even under a tight budget. Contrary to popular belief, home renovation need not be ‘too expensive’ all the time. With lots of creativity, a working plan, and the will to execute your vision, you can make your dream house a reality. Some may forego home renovations for more pressing priorities such as kids’ tuition or other expenses until such time when other concerns come in, further delaying the home project. We should not wait until we grow old to have the house of our dreams. Here are some tips to get you started and finally realize your plans for home renovations.

Set a working budget and stick to it till the end

Like any other project, a home renovation should have a corresponding budget that you should follow. Budgeting in advance would let you know the kind of materials, tools, and equipment your money can afford. These days, materials vary in price. Some are affordable, and some are priced higher than the rest. The tough competition among companies prompted this development, giving more advantage to its consumers. There will always be cheaper alternatives for materials or designs.

A couple of contractors advertise their services in town or on the Internet. Try to research which of them has the right experience and expertise to execute your design. We also normally go for contractors who can give us discounts and perks. The best way to find out is to interview each of them and select the best one for you. If you would like to renovate your patio, for example, gather a couple of competent paving installers and communicate with them online. Trim down your list and interview those that you most like.

Plan in advance

Last-minute preparations will only lead to drastic results. Consider a couple of months for research, canvassing of materials, and meet-ups with possible contractors. You may also visit home improvement centers and hardware stores to compare the prices of appliances, fixtures, and other materials that you need.

person with some painting supplies

Determine which agency can give you the right amount for your home renovation loan

You may have saved money for this anticipated project. However, it would help if you had extra cash as a buffer that can get the home renovation going despite unforeseen expenses. The easy way to get the whole project done is to apply for a loan.

Agencies may entice you with loan plans but try to answer these questions: Can I afford the monthly installment plans that I would be paying later on? Is the payment period reasonable? Is the lender of good reputation? Am I ready to pay the monthly installment plus the interest? Consider your income and your chosen loan term and determine whether you are ready for such sacrifices later on.

You can also work with an online mortgage broker. They may also give sound advice on how to save time and money during home remodeling.

Consider DIY projects for small home renovations

Lots of DIY projects work! Don’t be scared to try any of them with online platforms that will show a step-by-step manner on how to do it. Painting walls, building a headboard, or adding finishing touches are surely achievable with the right tools and guidance.

Consider minor changes in furniture structuring

Sometimes, all you need are small tweaks in your home furniture arrangement and not a major renovation. If you are bored with your home’s current atmosphere, try to refresh it with a new paint job. If you want to save, you can paint the walls yourself or do it with family members or friends. Also, try arranging the furniture or changing the curtains to let in more natural light. Instead of spending a lot on installing new lightings, maybe all you need are thinner curtains with brighter colors. Or, you can buy a lamp or ask a carpenter to build a customized one for you.

A secondhand furniture is also a good option. Instead of splurging on expensive, brand new living room furniture, why not buy secondhand version from a thrift shop. Also, consider changing the upholstery of your current furniture before ditching it outside. Do you feel your house is too small for all your stuff? Why not declutter and give your old, unused stuff away! Decluttering creates more space in your household instead of spending a lot constructing an extra room.

It is normal to desire some physical changes in our home life. It signifies a significant change and improvement in our status. There are always cheaper alternatives to go through a home renovation. Always consider the state of your finances after the whole project is done. Good home remodeling should be practical and useful. Better consult your plans with a contractor, family member, or friend for better ideas.