Clever App Ideas to Launch as Startups in 2021

It may seem like every software or app idea has been done before, but there are still plenty of gaps in the market, and it’s entirely possible to add twists to previously done apps. If you’re a software developer who wants to eventually generate revenue for your talents without having to work for corporations, here are some clever app ideas you can consider your hand at.

A funding website specifically for fandoms

There’s no denying that fandoms dominate all social networking sites right now, whether it’s fantasy lovers, K-pop fans, or supporters of Western pop artists. They dominate platforms like Twitter and TikTok, where there seems to be a new fan war every day. Surprisingly, no developers have successfully created a space solely devoted to the interaction between fans of the same genres or interests.

One untapped potential is a GoFundMe-type of a website for big fan bases because most fandoms aren’t just about fighting and toxicity; many have also contributed to great causes. If someone builds a community website where any fandom is welcome and where they can gather to do some good by raising funds in support of their favorite artists’ advocacy, it will be a great way to encourage fans to harness their collective power to extend help to those who need it the most.

Pomodoro app for hobbyists

Pomodoro is a productivity technique that apportions tasks every 25 minutes, with a 5-minute break in between. While there are already plenty of Pomodoro apps in the market, many of their designs and themes are generic and don’t speak to people’s interests. One way to add flair to this generic app is by adding people’s interests like sports, pop culture, and other media. One way app developers can get people to use their app over others is by giving people digital gifts whenever they finish several tasks, like:

  • Baseball cards
  • K-pop photo cards
  • Trading cards
  • Historical stamps
  • Magic the Gathering cards

And other photos that mean a lot to the users. Giving them rewards that mean a lot to them is a great incentive for them to choose your app over others.

Food planners for families on a budget

Two people having a discussion

One of the struggles of spending most of your days at home during the COVID-19 crisis is coming up with creative meals every day, and low-income households are the most likely to be affected during the public health crisis. Help families come up with delicious yet nutritious meals within their budget by building an app filled with the following information about meals and ingredients:

  • Nutritional information
  • Prices
  • Differences in price between delivery and cooking it themselves
  • Calorie count

The app can also include a food calendar to help users plan their meals. Arming families with all this information will help them come up with meal plans that are good for their health and help them stay within and even below their budget.

Study groups

Many students across the globe are currently struggling with remote learning. There are no two ways about it: Learning and education weren’t designed for virtual calls, and we need to do all that we can to help our students get by during the lockdown.

One thing that can help them is a one-stop app for all of their study group needs: It can have a tool for video and audio calls, private chatting, message boards for discussions, and free file-sharing. It can also be where their teachers can drop in to give these some tips or set some reminders. While there are already plenty of apps in the market that were specifically created to help students and teachers, there’s no one app that can include every possible need and feature that can make remote learning a more convenient experience for all.

Gift suggestions and recommendations

Since the internet tracks our movement for marketing purposes anyway, consider creating an app where users can receive gift recommendations and suggestions based on their friends’ content: What they post, what they like, what they search for, and what they find interesting. It can also be an e-commerce platform where they can immediately purchase the gift and send it to their friend without face-to-face interaction.

There are still plenty of apps and software ideas that can help people and generate some income later on. Look around you and find trends you can ride and needs you can meet, and you will surely come up with a brilliant idea that knocks people’s socks off.