Recycling and Repurposing: Ways to Stay Earth-friendly and Earn on the Side

Recycling in AucklandCaring for the planet is the duty and responsibility of each person living on it. You don’t have to travel to the ocean and start picking up trash from the shore. Recycling is a key activity any individual can participate in. The bonus? Sometimes, you can profit from it, too!

Get Creative

If you’re the arts and crafts sort, take a look at what you have at home. That alone can present numerous possibilities. You can turn old clothes into beds for pets, or paint empty old bottles to create decorations for the garden. Sell these to your neighbours or use eBay and Etsy as platforms to sell your wares.

You Don’t Have to Be an Artist

On the other hand, you don’t have to have magic fingers to recycle old items. Ratty old clothes can be used as rags for spring cleaning before you send them off to a recycling centre for processing. Any other items that you don’t want or need but still have some use in them can be sold at a garage sale. Again, eBay can help you out here. Empty wine bottles and corks can be sold online and some people may pay as much as $5 for an empty bottle.

Visit the Junkshop

Old newspapers, books and other paper products can net you some serious cash at your local junk shop. Scrap metals like aluminium, tin, and copper can also sell at a good price. Copper recycling in particular, McCamish Metals notes, is common because the metal will not break down and corrode when processed. In fact, most copper products are made from recycled copper.

Most people who live in the city no longer drink tap water. Water bottles can pile up and you can either sell them at a junkshop or perhaps make a deal with your provider to give you a discount when you return used bottles to them.

Keep an Open Mind

It still holds true that what you may view as worthless can be turned around by someone else. Be open to possibilities or, at least, know where to take your waste. There is a lot of trash that can turn to cash if you know what to do.