Rearranging Furniture the Easy Way

We get tired of the same look, same experience, and the same feel. And with everyone needing to stay home for months on end, you’re probably tired of how your home looks. While a total remodeling may sound like a big stretch right now, rearranging your furniture sounds feasible and easy enough. Or is it?

Is it Worth the Bother?

Having to stay home for all those months have probably made you realize how much you could have designed your space better. Moving around your furniture and appliances will improve a lot of things, from the lighting to making the space more accessible, and make moving around generally convenient. And while it might sound strange, but being bored with your home layout can add to the feeling of depression and cabin fever. Changing the layout of your house helps in revitalizing your mental batteries, as it can make everything feel new and exciting again.

So yes, rearranging your furniture is a refreshing experience- after the deed, that is. It can be difficult to move large objects around, especially if you’re alone. But there are ways and techniques that you can employ to make it easier. Not everyone at home can afford to buy an electric pallet jack (but if you can, it’ll make the experience easier), but that shouldn’t hinder you from remodeling your house even in a small way.

Get a Friend to Help You

Obviously, moving your couch or dresser on your own is a tough job. If you can get a friend or a family member to help you, you’re halfway done. Even just one extra pair of helping hands can make the experience from difficult to relatively easy. Getting help will make things safer for you as well, also providing some bonding moments if you get a family to help you.

Plan the Redesign

Before you warm up and start carrying your furniture to where you want them to be, it helps to have a layout in mind. This will prevent you from the tiring experience of moving back and forth. Planning beforehand also means finding out what’s possible from not, since there are moments where you really can’t squeeze the couch in that part of the house that you think is good. It’s also wise to look for potential dangers and pitfalls when redesigning, as you don’t want to cover electrical sockets or light sources.

While going around once or twice is inevitable as it’s difficult to predict everything, a design will improve the experience by a lot. It saves you from wasting energy and can even make things more efficient.

Disassemble and Reassemble

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to move heavy furniture around is to disassemble them first. While this is simply not possible for all types of furniture, the ones that can be disassembled will be easier to move. Most furniture like TV stands, dressers, drawers, coffee tables, and corner tables can be disassembled for easier moving.

Disassembling and reassembling furniture might sound like a lot of work, but it’s still worth considering. It’s what will make moving furniture possible as some will be too heavy to lift or rough to move around without damaging your floor.

Use Dollies or Sliders

If you’re pressed for time or not really confident with your disassembling and reassembling skills, you can use furniture dollies to move things around. Dollies are boards with swivel wheels underneath that helps you move around heavy furniture. If you can lift furniture and place it on the dolly, then you’re off to a good start.

A dolly might not be accessible for most people, but not to worry, as there are alternatives. You can use a furniture slider to help move bigger and heavier furniture as well. They’re small pads made of strong plastic or rubber with a felt-like material on the other side. They’re placed underneath furniture legs and just like its name, it’s used to slide furniture around. The felt material makes it easy to slide and glide while minimizing potential damage to your floor.

Lift like a Powerlifter

studio unit

You won’t be pushing and dragging everything, there will be moments where you’ll have to lift the furniture itself. When this opportunity comes, remember to lift like a powerlifter. What does that mean, you ask? Basically lift properly, keeping your body’s biomechanics in mind. Here’s a quick checklist to start you out:

Squat When Picking Things Up

You know how painful it is to bend at the waist when picking things up off the ground. Instead, squat and bend at the knees. This employs more muscles and helps you keep your balance.

Carry Close to the Body

Bringing the item closer to the body helps you maintain your balance and involves more muscles, making lifting actually possible.

Don’t Twist and Turn

Once you’ve picked something up, walk straight and don’t turn around too much to keep balance and prevent potential accidents.

It’s fine to rearrange things inside your house. It will give you a fresh perspective and can brighten your mood. Do as you please; you can get inspiration on how to improve your space online.