Protecting Your Child from an Abusive Partner

Protect Your Child from an Abusive PartnerIf you catch your spouse or partner laying a hand on your child, your first instinct is to protect them. People often fight back whenever their partner shows signs of abuse, while others may just accept defeat. Parents stop at those two decisions, but they forget that those aren’t the only ways to act on it.

Let Your Rights Protect You

It may be difficult to power through emotions of grief or outrage, but you’ll have no choice but to be strong for your child. In delicate situations like these, it is important to consult legal professionals. There are family lawyers specializing in domestic issues who may aid you in filing for Restraining Orders or Termination of Parental Rights.

In Denver, there are proposed laws regarding the parental rights of sexually abusive men or women. This new bill prevents those with cases of abuse or rape to have parental rights in the future. Men who are also convicted will automatically be stripped of their parental rights.

Talk to Your Child

These moments are the most crucial for your children to understand the situation. A lot of children who suffer from abuse end up traumatized or psychologically impaired after the experience.

As the other half of your child’s parental figures, it is important to talk to them and to explain the circumstance in the clearest way possible. Let them know that you’re there to share the pain and walk them through recovery. Children who feel loved will have an easier time easing into normalcy.

Mothers or fathers who leave an abusive relationship will often feel the loss later on when things have gotten twice as hard as they used to be. It may be easy to forget how destructive a marriage or relationship was once loneliness sets in, but remember one thing: you’re doing this for your child. They are the reason you are staying strong.