Plant Ideas for Every Kind of Garden

Watering the plants

When we start a garden, we are often inspired by an idea or overall theme. No garden can look beautiful if haphazardly put together. The planning of a beautiful garden takes time and research. There are many different types of plants and trees for you to choose from, based on the type of garden that you have in mind. Some of them are perfect for indoors, and others are great for an ornamental space where you can sit down to have tea in the afternoon. If you are just starting out with gardening, here are some plant and tree species that a tree nursery in Layton, Utah will recommend and which you can plant easily:

Ornamental Plants

An ornamental garden is generally made up of beautiful, flowering plants. These can be annual or perennial plants. Go for annual plants only if you wish to put in the effort to repot them every year. You should plant based on the blooming season. A lot of gardeners switch up the plants and rotate them based on when they bloom so that their gardens are always flowering.

Spring is the perfect time for flowers to bloom. For spring, you have the freedom to choose from a large selection. You can pick violets and baby’s breaths for coverage, as well as tulips for a bright pop of color. For summer to fall, pick flowers, such as black-eyed Susans and coneflowers, which love the sun. Winter is a difficult time for flowers. But you can still have a solid bloom of Heather flowers and dogwood if you take care of your garden.

Indoor Plants

Woman and cat surrounded by indoor plantsIndoor garden plants are favored by people who live in apartments. Many millennials are filling their homes with house plants. For indoor gardens, the best types of plants are the ones that require a low to moderate amount of sunlight and low maintenance. Pothos is the best example of a plant that you can use for filler. It can grow upwards in vines, and it can also be hung down from the ceiling. You can also keep succulents and low-light flowers such as amaryllis. Many people also use herbs for indoor plant decoration. Herbs such as basil don’t require too much sun, and they can be really handy to have in the kitchen.

Edible Plants

Edible gardens consist of plants that give fruits or vegetables. Most edible gardens require a good amount of sun, so plan accordingly. Regardless of the weather, some fruit trees and bushes that you can plant include berries, such as strawberries and blueberries, which can grow even in containers. Generally, apple trees take years to bloom, though orange trees will give you a quicker yield. Out of vegetables, tomatoes require a high amount of sun. Lettuce and other leafy greens grow fairly easily.

The important thing about gardening is to put in love and care. If your heart is in it and you do proper research on environmental factors such as the soil quality and amount of sunlight, almost anything can be grown in any climate. But before you start gardening, consider ornamental, indoor, and edible plants, which are easy to plant.