PHP in Web Programming: All the Things You Need to Know

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When creating websites, PHP programming is used. It is an open source programming like WordPress that works by processing code from a PHP module on the web server. This happens when a user asks for a web page with a PHP code. If you’re a web developer, chances are you’re looking for some new PHP tricks this 2019. Here are some of those:

Use a Piece of Paper

Writing on a piece of paper when you’re a beginner can make learning PHP a little easier. PHP and other scripting languages can be complex so when starting a project, use paper and put your wireframe there. By doing this, you allow yourself to think about the mechanics of PHP application first. It’s also easier to rewrite this way.

Have a Clear Understanding of the Project

Clients’ needs vary so it’s better that you know what the particulars are before starting a project. Ask how they want the project to turn out. You want to do this first so you won’t have to spend many work hours only to find out that it is not the one they want you to do.

Use Error Reporting String

Don’t forget to use this feature when working on a project. This feature gives you reports on every error that can turn into a disaster. Remember to turn off this feature about 10 seconds before you start production, though.

Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

OOP is the program to use to avoid repetitions in coding. It works by collecting functions together so it can be used when the actual coding is done. It’s also where data classes or objects are defined. Through OOP, development time is decreased and the coding is better.


There are many built-in functions in PHP and you should put them to good use. These functions don’t happen when the page loads, but only when it calls for that specific function to appear. You can put these functions at the beginning of the code.


Frameworks automate patterns. It also restructures repetitive tasks. As it restructures common tasks, the programming work can be lighter. You can also administer framework for form validation, input and output filtering, database abstraction, cookie and session handling, and for security. Through a framework, coding can speed up.

Database Protection

You can use mysql_real-_escape_string() when protecting the database. The strings are protected from quotes and other functions through this programming. You want to protect your database from damage and malicious codes after all.

There are other ways to keep your database safe. These are GET and POST strings. Both make sure that there are the right type and value for the form data.

Limiting Scripts

The set_time_limit function is needed to avoid fails in scripts. Do this so you can prevent infinite loop and database connection timeouts. This function is set to a specified time limit when the “script will run.” About 30 seconds is the default time and the script will stop with a fatal error after that.

Output Buffering Option

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The output buffering option prevents the HTML code to be sent in chunks to the browser. The use of output buffering option is essential as it keeps the HTML code locked in a variable. The browser then gets it as a single piece. You can use this option by adding ob_start() at the top of the program.

These tricks are what you can use for your web programming. Remember to use some of all of these to ensure what you’re coding on will come out good.