Paying for Dental Implants in Manchester

digital representation of dental implantDental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Compared to other teeth replacement methods, they are natural looking, offer a strong bite and are designed to last a lifetime.

So, why wouldn’t someone have dental implants? For some people, the concern is cost. Dental implants in Manchester, from clinics like Smylife, are not usually available with NHS financial support. This means that patients need to pay for treatment themselves.

Are they worth it?

Dental implants are not a budget treatment. However, it is worth a patient talking to their dentist if cost is a major concern. They may be able to offer a treatment plan that lowers the overall price of treatment.

People typically feel that the results they experience when having dental implants is worth the price tag. However, it is up to each patient to gather enough information to ensure that they are happy to make the investment. They can get this from their dentist, or perhaps online. Both of these sources of information should be able to provide them with patient testimonials, the opportunity to ask questions and see pictures of the results experienced by other clients.

Getting a price

The cost of dental implants can only be estimated accurately after an initial examination. Even then, a dentist can only let someone know the likely costs involved in some cases. This is because, while the body is reasonably predictable, sometimes unexpected things happen. A good dentist will discuss the possibilities with their patient based on their circumstances. They will also be committed to a transparent fee structure.


Many practices now offer patients the opportunity to connect with a finance company to pay for their treatment. Like all credit situations, the finance is subject to a status check and minimum age. Some offer 0% interest or a low rate depending on the term length of the loan.

With something like dental implants in Manchester, it is best not to wait too long before getting started. This is because the conditions in the mouth tend to change rapidly and become less advantageous to dental implants as time passes. Finance is a handy way to get underway as soon as possible.