Paralegal Career: What to Expect

Man checking his laptopA paralegal is one of the most sought-after careers today, offering individuals the chance to work side by side with lawyers, officers, and other individuals in the legal profession. Here’s what you should know about this career choice:


Choosing a good paralegal school is the first step towards this career. Paralegal studies offer the background and skills necessary to conduct legal research, draft legal documents, and work on the procedural requirements in court. The typical program usually lasts for two years.


The median annual salary for paralegals is about $49,500 by 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this is dependent on the law firm one is working at.


Paralegals are required to have an excellent grasp of the law with clear, crisp analytical skills, a good understanding of the language, and the ability to perform research on various statutes, acts, decisions of the court, and provisions of the law. It is also crucial for paralegals to be skilled with the use of the computer, be able to articulate their thoughts in the English language and work with different kinds of people.

Work environment

Paralegals can be found in practically all industries but are mainly situated in law firms or corporate firms. Small companies may also hire paralegals instead of a full-time lawyer. They typically work full time in building offices in a formal setting.

Job outlook

Definitely one of the stronger occupations today, well-trained paralegals are high in demand and can earn close to $100,000 if accompanied with excellent training, especially in specialized fields of law. Paralegals are in the position to continue and become full-pledged lawyers by simply enrolling in a law degree. Either way, it is a great step towards a solid and secure career.

Of course, these are just some of the things you should know about the job of a paralegal. If you are interested in the legal profession, then this is one of the best careers to choose.